In the given fig – BF=FE=EC, DE||AC & FG||AB then what is the area ratio of quadrilateral AGHD to that of triangle ABC.

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  1. rahul soni 3 years ago

    Perfect que sir ..great conceptual maths of amiya😋

  2. Deepak Kumar 3 years ago

    In triangle GFC
    Similar in Tri BED


  3. Roshan Gupta 3 years ago

    I love ur que sir
    Good to practice

  4. Robin chourasia 3 years ago

    sir no need of construction… thales in FEH and BED area ratio comes 1:3
    now thales in BED and BAC area ratio of individual parts is 4:5(9-4=5)
    now areaADHG= ADEC – HECG =5-3=2
    total area is 4+5=9 ratio is 2/9 … sir fig mein clearly pata chal raha hai banate time

  5. Rahul Thakur 3 years ago

    Love u sir
    Quantum cat cgl mains ke liye sahi hoga…????

  6. sudha dubey 3 years ago

    Thanx sir🙏🙏

  7. I have also solve its in 10 seconds

  8. Alok Kumar Singh 3 years ago


  9. roshan kumar 3 years ago

    Gajab sir ek question se ek chapter ka revision ho jata hai

  10. BHUSHAN KUMAR 3 years ago

    Thanks sir you have explained very good

  11. trilochan swain 3 years ago

    At first glance i was unable to solve it…but now i understood…thank u sir

  12. Cat level ka questions solve kijiye daily

  13. Romio Singh 3 years ago


  14. Pushpendra Singh 3 years ago

    Sir yr voice is really motivating… We always learn something new from you… Really great respect to you sir… Sir daily 1new question concept based provide kiya kejiye… Your teaching way is really awesome…

  15. Sangam Kumari 3 years ago

    2:9 ans

  16. Anand kumar 3 years ago

    Ye unlike wala kon h bhai…etna achhha sir k pass concet h ….

    Keep sir

  17. Deepak kumar 3 years ago

    Thales theorem… similarity 😊

  18. Kishan Tiwari 3 years ago

    Isko to hum bhi ek attempt liya the..aur eaisly solve kr liya tha..

  19. Mayank Bhati 3 years ago


  20. Mayank Bhati 3 years ago


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