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Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (I Got The Horses In The Back) [Instrumental] – Wxsterr

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Comments are closed.

  1. AJ GRE Lectures 2 years ago

    Hay how do I get access to the kaplan online prep I have a old kaplan book 2016 I think.

  2. WizeNinja 2 years ago

    Hit that WOAHHH

  3. jessica rodriguez 2 years ago

    You seem like someone who would rather study alone than with groups 🙂 only because since you as well seem extroverted, you can get easily distracted with side conversations….or maybe that is just me

  4. Claire S. 2 years ago

    Yay so excited for another James Kim vid! Loving your content lately!

  5. Izabel Gomes 2 years ago

    Proverbs 3:5-6 – in regards to dating. Guard your heart, James.

  6. Ruth Fanfan 2 years ago

    That was a funny video. Also, it's cool to be careful who you get involved with.

  7. James Smith 2 years ago

    I have only seen you date one race…the human race.

  8. Becca 2 years ago

    I would date you if I lived near you. I would also worry about your preferences though, so those questions make sense. Your mom is right about waiting.

  9. Bryan Le 2 years ago

    Loved how you talked about your dad owning a grocery store and then you followed it up by answering a question about groceries. 😂

  10. Alice O. 2 years ago

    lol that intro i cant 😂💀

  11. SkillHouner 2 years ago

    Awesome video as always James! If i guess correctly, I think you said "Just because I have the option to, doesn't mean I choose it" haha

  12. Ruth Fanfan 2 years ago

    Dont try to change yourself to be compatible with someone else. The relationship never ends well. I can say that from personal experience. If you are comfortable with profanity than you should be with someone who is comfortable with that as well.

  13. Milen Mathew 2 years ago


  14. Reina C. Deleon 2 years ago

    Wore my Be Positive shirt today and there just happened to be a new video… coincidence? I don't think so. Loved the video!

  15. JMK [James Kim] 2 years ago

    What other assumptions do you guys have about me? Let me know below!

  16. viskor 2 years ago

    Those dance moves made me click the like button.

  17. Asteria Sheria 2 years ago

    I can't donated blood for a year because my iron is low.

  18. Asteria Sheria 2 years ago

    So you're an ambivert? Also at 6:15 you don't look like skin and bones!!!

  19. June Kim 2 years ago

    Probably the best "Assumptions About Me" video I have ever watched!

  20. alyssa gutierrez 2 years ago

    Assumption: you’re single because you had someone you thought was the one… but then she wasn’t the one and it still hurts 💔

  21. Lisa 2 years ago

    Also a visual learner 🙂 I also feel stupid sometimes since it takes me longer to remember. Things are finally clicking and as my first year comes to a close and summer is supposedly easier, I am going to try to review older things to try to remember for clinicals. And of course look at pance prep pearls. This is the reason I’m nervous for clinicals in August but hopefully it will be a nice person. I feel like I’m getting better at history and partially getting better st physical (I guess in OSCEs it’s just hard to know what’s on the list, maybe it will be better during clinicals since there’s no specific checklist for a grade). It’s the treatment i get stuck on but I hope during clinicals I’ll be able to look it up. We will see. The good thing about me is I’m a nice person (I worked as a pediatric MA) and I try to be nice and work Well with everyone.

  22. MB 2 years ago

    this is cute 🤧

  23. Lindsey Nguyen 2 years ago

    LOL everyone wants to know about your dating life

  24. Adnan A 2 years ago

    I assume you’re a hardworking dude

  25. BryceS 2 years ago

    That intro was everything

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