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Comments are closed.

  1. Rakim #1Goat 3 years ago

    Elijah Muhammad Tried To Warn Black People They Aren't Nothing But A Race Of Grafted Devils! But Negroes Love Them Some Pale Slave Master!!

  2. Robin Workout 3 years ago

    What a waste of time and money. I wouldn't pay one red cent to see that memorial. It's like there hanging them a second time!! Smh

  3. coconessfox 3 years ago

    We also need to ask ourselves what is F.E.M.A. planning to do with those fema camps.

  4. coconessfox 3 years ago

    If they acknowledge all this racial terror, why don’t they just pay D.O.S. Reparations?

  5. Darre munde 3 years ago

    that dumb ass memorial in Montgomery is just out of place in 2018 and beyond. I hate to know it exists, and people believe that its a dedication to the memory of, but it's not, it simply is a slap in the face, and for people that never saw it or lived it, why do we need to see an image of it, then when white kids see it, they go off with an image of dark people
    being in chains, and less than. I can just imagine what the negative thoughts and images are, in the minds of the other races of people about dark people, when they leave the memorial seeing them on the ground in chains.

  6. ThOth SumAntra 3 years ago

    I am so happy these creatures are dying off! they can take themselves, their children, and their half-breeds with them.

  7. matt Turner 3 years ago

    What's sad is blacks will contribute to this museum.Psychologically most black are still on the plantation these museums are to trigger their spirits.

  8. Renee Wright 3 years ago

    That's why I don't understand why my people marry into our oppressors children. Sickening!!

  9. Jenny Jerome 3 years ago

    Cynthia, I agree TOTALLY. This is like psycho keeping a piece of a trinket of someone they murdered. The psycho just wants to relive the pleasure of what they did. That is what I got from that.

  10. Harlem World 3 years ago

    100% Correct!!!!!!

  11. Meka B 3 years ago

    I was raised and lived in Charlotte half my life and never knew this.

  12. Larry God 3 years ago

    Alligator bait H.T.N.B OMG there devils.

  13. Sassy Green 3 years ago

    On behalf of my fellow Charlotte living people. Aka black people I would like to say .
    We always knew the site was a fucked up place.. BUT NOW WE GOT A FOOTBALL TEAM SO WE DONT CARE THUS WHY THE STADIUM IS THERE.
    Great video like always.

  14. Network 3 years ago

    Back when I was driving I had a old white man in my car who was born in 1950.. we had a bomb chat laughing and talking the whole way through…right before we got to his stop I asked him

    How many black people did he watch as they got lynched. He dead ass stared at me for the longest time and then said that never happens in my city I only heard the stories.

    I didn’t think to ask sooner cause the shit just dawned on me last minutes this motherfucker was born when lynchings we at an all time high. Bitch had a black wife too.

  15. SHE RAVES 3 years ago

    There’s no excuse for this. It’s just tacky. The way we memorialize the death of people is with a gravestone or a wall with names on it…

  16. James Wilson 3 years ago

    Amen Sis, Preach!!! I wonder whit it will feel like if we started doing this to them?

  17. RUDE7706 3 years ago


  18. iheartsoulmusic 3 years ago

    It’s so funny I happen to watch this right after I sat in class where this black girl had the nerve to say they should keep these confederate statues up as a memory and mistake to never repeat, ha! I’m like girl you clearly don’t know the psychopathy of these people. These institutions are indoctrinating our young black minds to accept the mockery of our past, it’s very disheartening man.

  19. Hartbeat1555 3 years ago

    The they making the memorial is the Equal Justice Initiative…the group of attorneys that you see at the forefront of the movement to overturn wrongful convictions of hundreds of black men currently on death row. They have had some great success in that area and the founder is a black man. I'm not sure who initially backed him on this endeavor, but to memorialize it is good for our people. Perhaps it will aid in wakening them further. The book 100 years of lynching is an emotional, but good read, that our people are afraid to delve into because it requires that you stay on the ready for any attempts for them to repeat it again in that form (which is coming).

  20. MrGreyjeep 3 years ago

    The 400 years of slavery for blacks and other Israelites is rumored to be over next year. That's why they are spazzing out.

  21. nomadic traveler 3 years ago

    The same reason they are creating lynching memorials are the same reason Jim Crow laws and the black codes were enacted.They want to maintain their supremacy by constantly showing what happens when you fight back.Meanwhile,the original people of this planet continue to love and adore their oppressors.Why can't we love and adore each other?

  22. michael allen 3 years ago

    Outstanding report and commentary.
    Deuteronomy 28: 1 4 – 68
    Luke 21: 20 – 24
    Jeremiah 16
    Jeremiah 30

  23. Lola Jones 3 years ago

    Make no mistake; many of these racists are hiding behind a facade. They will pretend not to be racist and will even go to the extent of marrying/dating a black person. I'm convinced these people would enslave you again if they ever get that chance. It's scary. I'm so sorry…

  24. Queen_B_ Nefertiti 3 years ago

    A memorial for the lynchings of black ppl…these animals are above demonic n any black person that doesn't feel the same is worse

  25. Boujee 38 3 years ago

    You got to be sick to collect soil from a damn lynching site.

  26. DarqueBeauty 3 years ago

    YESSS!! I LOVE the videos you do where you are kicking their pink flat booty asses! My favorite videos and the reason I subscribed. Keep kicking that cave wookie ass!! 🙂

  27. She makes you think……

  28. tayl0rd 3 years ago

    FINALLY a video that isn't whining about "swirling" ! This was a good video, and I totally agree with what she said.

  29. M&M 3 years ago

    I always felt that Roots was shown every year to remind white people that they are superior and teach them their history.  Well, reminding blacks that we are less in this society.  Yes, memorials are for their enjoyment and history for the white generations to come as well.

  30. Angel Simmons 3 years ago

    So what we gone do y'all? Cuz commenting on YouTube videos not changing shit. Period.

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