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JEE Main Solutions –Work, Energy, Power, Collisions – 2018 (Online and Offline Papers)

JEE Main 2013-2017 Solutions are available on the COACHENGG APP

Q26 (JEE Main 2018 Offline): In a collinear collision, a particle with an initial speed v0 strikes a stationary particle of the same mass. If the final kinetic energy 50% greater than the original kinetic energy, the magnitude of the relative velocity between the two particles, after collision, is :

Q27 (JEE Main 2018 Offline): It is found that if a neutron suffers an elastic collinear collision with deuterium at rest, fractional loss of its energy is pd, while for its similar collision with carbon nucleus at rest, fractional loss of energy is pc. The values of pd and pc are respectively :
(1) (0, 0) (2) (0, 1) (3) (.89, .28) (4) (.28, .89)

Q28 (JEE Main 2018 Offline): The mass of a hydrogen molecule is 3.32 × 10–27 kg. If 1023 hydrogen molecules strike, per second, a fixed wall of area 2 cm2 at an angle of 45° to the normal, and rebound elastically with a speed of 103 m/s, then the pressure on the wall is nearly :
(1) 2.35 × 102 N/m2 (2) 4.70 × 102 N/m2
(3) 2.35 × 103 N/m2 (4) 4.70 × 103 N/m2

Q29 (JEE Main 2018 Online 2): A proton of mass m collides elastically with a particle of unknown mass at rest. After the collision, the proton and the unknown particle are seen moving at an angle of 90° with respect to each other. The mass of the unknown particle is:
(1) 𝑚/2 (2) 𝑚 (3) 𝑚/√3 (4) 2𝑚

Q30 (JEE Main 2018 Online 3): A body of mass m starts moving from rest along x-axis so that its velocity varies as 𝑣=𝑎√𝑠 where 𝑎 is a constant and 𝑠 is the distance covered by the body. The total work done by all the forces acting on the body in the first t seconds after the start of the motion is:
(1) 1/8 𝑚𝑎^4 𝑡^2 (2) 8𝑚𝑎^4 𝑡^2 (3) 4𝑚𝑎^4 𝑡^2 (4) 1/4 𝑚𝑎^4 𝑡^2

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