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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. 100rav kumar 3 years ago

    Separation is genuine demand , since they face a lot discrimination when they travel to delhi or other parts of country.

  3. sonam SHARMAsharma 3 years ago

    Sir can you tell me which application you use for places i. e map. Can you tell me about it i will be thankful to you

  4. Feros Khan 3 years ago

    I have done my schooling from Nagaland, it's a very good place, people out there are super cool.
    The problem of Nagaland is that the center doesn't give much importance to it unlike it gives to northern, southern, and central region, gov need to work on development and bring them to the main stream.

  5. starbee blog 3 years ago

    Nagaland koe syria banah dengey agar nagaland naee flag change kiyea…

  6. We are One 3 years ago

    Granting separate constitution doesn't imply making another nation, Take example of US, it has 50 States each have their own constitution but US is the most powerful nation. Amazingly, neighbouring countries want to join US.

  7. Hunter Hrs 3 years ago

    The christian missionary are the main force behind the se secessionist forces

  8. rahul YADAV 3 years ago

    Bhaiyo aade Pakistani h joh naam badal kar comment kar rahe h ishliye bhaiyo Bangladesh ke uppr video banayi thi usme bhi ek Pakistani Bangladeshi ban kar comment kar raha tha india me koi alag naa hona chahta toh ek dusre nah gaali mat doh yah pakistan walo nah lagga rakha h inkoh toh thode dinn baad gulam hona h china ke haatho aur sabh indian aur hum sabh india me hi rahenge hamesa koi alag naa hoga toh bhai soach samaj ke comment kare yaa ek dusre ke baare me bole

  9. Exsilio Aier 3 years ago

    Before commenting any negative comments on Nagas, please check the history of Nagaland. Nagas were never a part of India before the Britishers but were forced to be Indian after the independence by the government of India.
    "Nagas are Indian by circumstances not by choice."
    -K.K. Sema

  10. Divyanshu Jaiswal 3 years ago

    Study IQ — Then now forever💗

  11. lingur hungyo 3 years ago

    Mr. RN Ravi is the interlocuter of indonaga framework agreement.

  12. Being Free 3 years ago

    Naga have every right to to decide their faith. But Today Nagaland is so much dependent on Central Government that they are going to destroy themselves if they are given Independence. I am sure there will be civil war within Nagas. Moreover the NSCN / National worker are the parasites in the development of Nagaland. They are one of most corrupted organization. Nows day people don't really support them, Taxation is done is out of fear not voluntarily.

  13. Alok Kumar Baliyan 3 years ago

    हमे नागालैंड को दूसरा कश्मीर नही बनने देना चाहिए

  14. Nishant Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Thank you sir

  15. Skeri Chan 3 years ago

    Thank You !!

  16. ashique pukaro 3 years ago

    I hope govment will not make another Kashmir

  17. It is a beautiful state & deserve development for bringing happuness in the socuety. They r brave & peacefull. I wish i could go their to spend some time with them & our mother nature.

  18. Kishu7 Editz 3 years ago

    yeh hai humara pyara Bharat aur yeh hai humare subse khubsoorat states.. ♥️

  19. raj Roy 3 years ago

    Haa haa luthloon sab ….. Pakistan kasmir lelo , south India Davidnadu banalo ,nagaland naga country banalo aur hum lolipoop thuslete hain 😠😠😠😠😠

  20. w. Apong 3 years ago

    Violent never minimise,,cease fire in paper not in field,,they (both)never stop torturing civilian

  21. vimal bagoria 3 years ago

    Bjp sirf jumle lekar aayi hai

  22. Hanmant Kendre 3 years ago

    Nagaland a beautiful State…

  23. Tonmoy Deka 3 years ago

    Jai Nagaland

  24. Parveen Malik 3 years ago

    अखंड भारत

  25. Sarthak Das 3 years ago

    Discuss about Air India case. It will shut down permanently by 01.10.2019.

  26. Archana Mishra 3 years ago

    Why Nagaland is doing this??? I hate d people who want to break d country.

  27. Every state of india is part our country

  28. Amit Yadhuvanshi 3 years ago

    I want naga brother's to understand with different language we are united India …

  29. saurabh nainwal 3 years ago


  30. Esesem ssm 3 years ago


  31. piyush kapil 3 years ago

    Politicians apne fayde k lie.. Hr ek district ko b ek country bnna de.. So evry people shld undrstnd this.. N alwys be the part of India.

  32. roys destiny 3 years ago

    I really admire your effort

  33. Sagar Suman 3 years ago

    is type ka ek movies hai jisme sarukh khan lead rol me h same type

  34. Nishkarsh Tiwari 3 years ago

    Aisa na ho aage chl ke ek aur J&K bn jaye .

  35. John Meitei 3 years ago

    Nscn Pakistan ke terrorists se kam nahi he, they have kill many innocent peoples, they have to be declared as one of the dangerous terrorist group in india.

  36. Mukesh Bhuriya 3 years ago

    धन्यवाद सर जी 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏

  37. Gaurav verma 3 years ago

    thank u sir ji….

  38. SKM Software 3 years ago

    I have visited Kohima many times, very good and very friendly. They all love India.

  39. Jiten Ningthoujam 3 years ago

    Maderchok ka accord

  40. Karan Arora 3 years ago

    Sir please tell the name of app…which you use to show us solar system and maps

  41. Karan Gupta 3 years ago

    Enough of blunders done by nehru in kashmir

  42. Karan Gupta 3 years ago

    A country without business cannot work remember

  43. sandeep dhoundiyal 3 years ago

    jai hind
    vande matram

  44. Sir please do make video on parliamentary standing committee

  45. Kapil Dimri 3 years ago

    Agar is region ko khaas priority di gyi to.. iske halaat bhi kashmir ki tarah honge.. or is tarah ye galti dohrana ho jaega.. isliye desh ka constitution sabke liye uniform rahe.. or Is region m sarkar ko employment, investment, construction, education and other development pe khas dhyan rakhna chahiye..

  46. BHARAT LAL SHARMA 3 years ago

    I love Nagaland

  47. jagajyoti das 3 years ago

    kavivi sudrenege nehi north east log

  48. Hardeep singh 3 years ago

    nagaland ek din zurur alag country bnega, jai ho ….

  49. Robinson Singha 3 years ago

    Had the British not colonised there wouldn't have been the India we know today. They covered India as a whole and drew lines of fire within, as it have existed for centuries, internal battles. All this for easy governance. Now the British have left, the legacy remained. That is what we are facing today. Issues will never be solved. Especially one such separatist ones. That is wat gives people the feel of oneness,struggles of the govt to maintain integrity. Where we all know the fact that divide and rule is the easiest way to rule and to fool the masses.

  50. ROCK raj 3 years ago

    Nice vedio

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