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If you’re getting ready to take the Water Distribution Operator Certification Exam, watch this video, which covers 4 practice problems. It’s fairly short, but it contains helpful information that can be used as a study guide. The practice problems that are covered in this video are the type of questions you will see on the Water Distribution Operator Certification Exam.

Here’s a summary of what’s covered in the video. The answers to the questions are at the bottom of this page.


At what depths is shoring required in a trench if it’s excavated in soil?

A. 3 feet or deeper

B. 4 feet or deeper

C. 5 feet or deeper

D. 6 feet or deeper

2. Which of the following is a positive displacement meter?

A. Venturi meter

B. Turbine meter

C. Nutating disc meter

D. Propeller meter

3. What does the C factor for a pipe represent?

A. Strength of the pipe

B. Flexibility of the pipe

C. Thickness of the pipe

D. Roughness of the pipe interior

4. What is used to locate a chlorine gas leak?

A. Hydrogen peroxide

B. Ammonia solution

C. Sulfur

D. Distilled water


1. C. (5 feet or deeper)

2. C. (Nutating disc meter)

3. D. (Roughness of the pipe interior)

4. B. (Ammonia solution)


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