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The Hindu Analysis with PIB discussion
by Aman Sharma

10 December 2018 The Hindu Newspaper Analysis in Hindi (हिंदी में) – News Articles for Current Affairs The Hindu Newspaper Analysis in Hindi (हिंदी में) – News Articles for Current Affairs


10 December the hindu newspaper today
the hindu newspaper 10 December 2018
#thehindu #newspaperanalysis #upsc2019 #studyias #currentaffairs #upsc #ias #10December2018 #nanomagazine #ias2019 #thehindunewspapertoday


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  1. archna jha 2 years ago

    And my score is 3 out of 5.

  2. about the question related with harappan civilization:

    Toy models of ploughs have been found which was used to dig the

    earth for turning the soil and planting seeds. While

    real ploughs, which were probably made of wood,

    have not survived AND We know
    from remains of plants that the Harappans grew
    wheat, barley, pulses, peas, rice, sesame, linseed
    and mustard.

    source: class 6 history NCERT.

    but i am not sure weather it was found in Kalibagan or not.

  3. Yogendra kumar 2 years ago

    thank u sir for daily questions………

  4. shaheen choudhary 2 years ago

    Q1 ….(b)

  5. Milap Khatkar 2 years ago


  6. Shivani Gupta 2 years ago


  7. Virat Virmani 2 years ago


  8. DEWANGAN BROTHERS 2 years ago

    Nice yr

  9. shaheen choudhary 2 years ago


  10. Shivani Gupta 2 years ago


  11. Shivani Gupta 2 years ago


  12. shaheen choudhary 2 years ago

    Q5…( b)

  13. shaheen choudhary 2 years ago


  14. Krishan Kaushik 2 years ago

    Wow sir its superb and very beneficial for prelim

  15. Shivani Gupta 2 years ago


  16. abhineet Sahai 2 years ago

    4 sahi , wo kalibanga wala hme lag hai Mila h waha se hal

  17. Abhishek Kumar 2 years ago

    This new initiative is very much good and best in class…. U r doing great job sir keep it up and always help us……

  18. MANISH KUMAR 2 years ago

    A good suruat for upsc and thanks for me

  19. Avi371992 Dixit 2 years ago

    Very nice sir…..

  20. Vanshika Gautam 2 years ago

    Thankyou sir i always wanted to have such kind of show of mcq thanks for making it simpler. God always bless you.

  21. Namdev Bokare 2 years ago

    Thanqu sir….

  22. Mohan chore 2 years ago

    Option 1 only

  23. Amrita mourya 2 years ago

    nice sir
    3/5 what timing ?

  24. Mohan chore 2 years ago

    Sir, polity article how to remember for exam , any tricks sir.

  25. C) 1 and 3 only

  26. Priya Tiwari 2 years ago

    To gud sir …..thnkw so much n score is 4/5

  27. manish Yadav 2 years ago

    Sir pls include current affairs mcqs also….

  28. Shabnam Chauhan 2 years ago

    Good work

  29. nidhi agarwal 2 years ago

    Awesome sir.. Thanks again sir

  30. Sahidul Hossaion 2 years ago

    Thank you sir bohot ei a66a initiative hai thank you so much for your efforts sir

  31. Royal Blood 2 years ago

    Nice going bro., keep it up 😊

  32. Noor Ahmed 2 years ago


  33. Akash Gupta 2 years ago

    Wow sir,
    U r very innovator,
    It's very be perfect for All UPSC Aspirants
    Thank you so much
    Akash Gupta

  34. KANAV SHARMA 2 years ago

    1.b 2- a 3- b 4- a 5-b

  35. Monika Pal 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  36. Prateek Tiwari 2 years ago

    Very effective. Thanks a lot

  37. Piyush Singh 2 years ago

    Score :- 3

  38. Jitendra Bhadola 2 years ago

    Thank so much sir

  39. preeti yadav 2 years ago

    3 out of 5 thank you sir

  40. Ummamaa khan 2 years ago


  41. Anmol Saxena 2 years ago

    yay 5/5 ✌️

  42. C P 2 years ago

    Tysm sir

  43. C P 2 years ago


  44. RSRTC roadways 2 years ago

    Its More support able our studies.
    Thanx sir

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