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Hello! In this video I go through #AbstractReasoning questions from the #UCAT test, formerly known as the UKCAT. I go through questions live on camera so I can walk you through my thought process and show you what I’m thinking about as I answer the questions.

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——WHO AM I?——

Hey! My name is Nasir Kharma, I am a graduate student studying medicine on the undergraduate course at King’s College London. This channel is dedicated to helping aspiring doctors reach their goals by getting into medical school! I hope these videos help 😊


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  1. snehith reddy 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video 💜

  2. Nav Man 3 years ago

    Thanks very useful.

  3. Kharma Medic 3 years ago

    Thanks for tuning in! If you found this video useful please like & share it with your friends who are also taking the UCAT 😁 Subscribe for more content coming ASAP!

  4. skorzo .::. 3 years ago

    Great video dude. It'll surely be very very helpful.

  5. Jinhwan Park 3 years ago

    did you use medify when you prepared for your exam? or what other materials have you used?

  6. Good One 3 years ago

    Can you do another live answering session for Verbal Reasoning? =)

    At the moment it seems almost impossible to answer those in the time restrictions. It would be very useful to know it can be done and how it's done.

  7. Sam Gurling 3 years ago

    Wow, déjà vu! I’m so glad I don’t have to do UCAT this year

  8. Ariadna 3 years ago

    Thank you, I need to do it this year and your videos are helping me a lot! Great content!! 🙂

  9. Gundogdogdog 3 years ago

    Practising UCAT current and the triangle/circle question at about the 12:00 mark is a classic example of how arbitrary these answers can be 😬 Your reasoning was perfectly valid and worked but you weren’t able to read the mind of the questions author and so you lost marks. Hopefully there isn’t much like that in the real test!

  10. Great video as always but these questions appeared pretty simple, how do you think they compare to the real exam and other books and online services because you could see that the majority of participants would get them right

  11. Zaid Ahmed 3 years ago

    Thanks heaps Nasir, it’s sooo helpful!! with ucat date approaching I’m just getting more nervous…….and look at the ease with which u r doing😍……shows the amount of practice u did😀!!
    Waiting for ur next video!!
    Thanks again!

  12. Sam Bridge 3 years ago

    Is it possible to do one item per 14 seconds or is that just an unrealistic target that UCAT books are suggesting?

  13. dr.paddlesmack 3 years ago

    how do you good in verbal reasoning

  14. Moza _q 3 years ago

    hallo today I did my MMI and I did everything you said thank you soooo much I TOLD AT INSTGRAM BUT I don't think its enough I JUST WANT TO go over all of your social media and thanks I HOPED just if I discover you earlier

  15. G A 3 years ago


  16. eduardo santos 3 years ago

    This is basically a iq test, so they don’t want low iq people in med schools. Well that sucks

  17. Faduma Hassan 3 years ago

    I'm sooooo thankful. Thank you soooo much for helping others .Really appreciate it ,I watch your videos to help me with the UKCAT ✨💕

  18. junlin sun 3 years ago

    decision making and QR walkthrough/ speed tips please! ur vids are super helpful 🙂

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