Why this Video is Important?

Transient is the most important concept for GATE, every year we can expect at least one question from this topic. In this video stepwise approach is given to solve any problem of transient that will help to solve a question in minimum time. Derivation of vc(0+)=vc(0-) and iL(0+)= iL(0-) are also given.
Real Life Applications:
Charging battery, Air conditioner working, fault analysis, discharging of the storage unit, sudden disturbance in the network in form of load and short circuit.


Transient state comes in picture when there is a sudden change in the behavior of network like switching, short circuit, the addition of load etc and this state remains for a very short period of time approximately from microsecond to millisecond range. Transfer of energy takes place in this state that’s why network contains inductor and capacitor can only show transient.

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