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  1. Exams Made Simple 3 years ago

    LiNk to get all the Current Affairs PDF :-

    Telegram Link :-

    How to Attempt Upsc Prelims Paper :-

    our Instagram Page Link :-

    our Facebook Page :-

  2. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Shivmangal Singh 3 years ago

    IISS एशिया सुरक्षा शिखर सम्मेलन: शांगरी-ला संवाद एक "ट्रैक वन" अंतर-सरकारी सुरक्षा मंच है जो एक स्वतंत्र थिंक टैंक द्वारा प्रतिवर्ष आयोजित किया जाता है, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सामरिक अध्ययन संस्थान जो रक्षा मंत्रियों, मंत्रालयों और सैन्य प्रमुखों के स्थायी प्रमुखों द्वारा भाग लेता है 28 एशिया-प्रशांत राज्यों के।

  4. shivangi singh 3 years ago

    Thankyou sir .. your videos are time saving and effective for UPSC preparation … thanks a lot sir.

  5. Anadi Bhatt 3 years ago

    thnk u

  6. Daniya khan 3 years ago

    Hello sir ☺
    📔Raisina dialogue is designed on the lines of Shangri la dialogue.
    ⚪It is an annual dialogue held in New Delhi.
    ⚪It is envisioned to be India's flagship conference of geo politics and geo economics.
    📔Shangri la dialogue is inaugurated in Singapore in 2016 to talk about security issues in Asia pacific region.
    Thankyou sir

  7. Monika B.v 3 years ago

    Thank you very much sir❤️

  8. Sheeraj Kataria 3 years ago

    Thank you Sir

  9. Nitesh Purohit 3 years ago

    Hame apne aap ko bachaana h baaki chije gai chulhe m…. Good sir🤣

  10. sumer shaikh 3 years ago

    Shangri-La dialogue:-
    The IISS Asia Security Summit: The Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) is a "Track One" inter-governmental security forum held annually by an independent think tank, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) which is attended by defense ministers, permanent heads of ministries and military chiefs of 28 Asia-Pacific states.
    The forum gets its name from the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore where it has been held since 2002.

    The summit serves to cultivate a sense of community among the most important policymakers in the defence and security community in the region.

  11. Tinu Nial 3 years ago

    that is for the day
    I hope you like that vdo
    please do like share and subscribe
    keep loving us
    keep sharing us
    and thak you and
    have a nice day
    sir kal ka news analysis me dheere bolenge sir mujhe bahat achha lagta ge

  12. Tinu Nial 3 years ago

    sir me hamare ye exam made simple chennel ko February 2019 se follow kar raha hu….
    Au sir app vdo k end me jo ye "keep loving us keep sharing us ye jara
    thik se herring nahi ho pati au wohi mujhe bahat achha lagta he sir Kalse thik se bolenge sir 19th news analysis me
    thnk you sir

  13. Jyoti aggarwal 3 years ago

    Good afternoon sir

  14. devendra sahu 3 years ago

    congress mindset person.

  15. T 3 years ago

    Very nice lecture exam releted… thanks its help to poor student

  16. Sangeeta Sahu 3 years ago

    thnk u sir 👌👌

  17. Wonder Study 3 years ago

    Nice analysis

  18. Manisha Chauhan 3 years ago

    PARELLAL GOVT. during QIM.1942 August.. .

    1…Ballia=1942…Chittu Panday
    3…Satara=1943-45..Prati Sarkar… by Y. B. CHAVAN, NANA PATIL… etc…

    Village libraries, nyayadan mandal and Ghandhi marriages were organised…

  19. Manisha Chauhan 3 years ago

    1….Art 75(COM ..responsible to the LS that is ministry stays as it enjoys majority in LS)…

    LS can remove entire COM only…. not individual….. through No confidence motion(need support of 50 members)….. no need to state reason …..if passed COM must resign…

    2….Election of PRESIDENT..
    Elected members of both the house of parliament and legislative assembly of states amd delhi and puduchery…
    (If. assembly dissolved then members cease to be vote)

    IMPEACHMENT (quasi judicial process )…violation of constitution (not define in constitution)…

    Charges initiated by either house… should be signed 1/4th members of that house… 14 days prior notice to the president required.. and he have right to appear… if resolution is passed through 2/3rd membership of each house… then he will be impeached….

    Nominated members of either house and no elected member of legislative assembly of delhi amd puduchery will participate ….

    3…….SC. …=CJI appointed by the president after consultation with judges of sc and hc as he deems necessary…

    other judges are appointed by president with the consultation( OBLIGATORY) of CJI…

    this consultation is defined by several cases…

    First judge case 1981=consultation only implies exchange of views..

    second judges case 1993=advise by CJI is binding on president but CJI will consult with hi two senior most colleagues…

    third judges case 1998=Coligium of 4 seniormost judges….

    99 CAA 2014…National judicial appointment commission

    fourth judges case2015=NJAC void and colligium will continue…

    REMOVAL= By the order of President (only address by special majority by parliament in same session) …
    Ground=Misbehavior or incapacity …..procedure regulated by… JUDGES ENQUIRY ACT 1968….

    Motion should be singed 100 member (LS)… 50 members(RS)…then given to the speakeror chairman..(may admit or refuse)..

    then speaker or chairman may constitute a committee to investigate.. (CJI or Judge of sc, CJ of HC, dinstinguist jurist)….

    then parliament that is each house will pass the resolution then PRESIDENT orders for impeachment …

    thanku sir🙏🙏

  20. Pooja Dalwadi 3 years ago

    Sir, apka optional bhi geography hai !! App books bata sakte ho geo ki???

  21. Rishabh Vishwakarma 3 years ago

    17:15 prabu 🙏🙏
    Charan Kahan h aapke .👣👣

  22. Swagatika Biswal 3 years ago

    Thank you sir…. Good morning 😊😊

  23. Rivesh Shukla 3 years ago

    A very gud morning sir….

  24. Good morning Sir have a nice day

  25. Anuja Soral 3 years ago

    During Quit India movement, parallel governments were formed at several places such as : Ballia – First parallel government formed under Chittur Pandey, Tamluk (Midnapur,Bengal) , Satara (Maharashtra) – longest running parallel government.

  26. Manisha Chauhan 3 years ago

    good morning sir…. 🙏😊
    Question krke bhot achha feel ata h sir… revise ho jta h…. thanku so much…

  27. Nitish kr Singh 3 years ago

    It is designed to explore prospects and opportunities for Asian integration as well as Asia’s integration with the larger world.

  28. Nitish kr Singh 3 years ago

    This is an annual geo-political event, organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

  29. Lalit Nirankari 3 years ago

    good morning sir…..

  30. Gitu Kumari 3 years ago

    The LS can remove the council of ministers from office by passing a no confidence motion.Motion needs to support of 50 members to be admitted.

  31. Anil Yadav 3 years ago

    Good morning sir .u did not reply my yesterday's question .god bless u

  32. namrata ravat 3 years ago

    Good morning

  33. HARSH KUMAR 3 years ago

    A motion of no-confidence, alternatively vote of no confidence, or confidence motion, is a statement or vote which states that a person in a position of responsibility  is no longer deemed fit to hold that position.
    The Constitution definesimpeachment at the federal level and limits impeachment to "ThePresident, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States" who may be impeached and removed only for "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".
    Removal. Per Article 124(4) of the constitution, President canremove a judge on proved misbehaviour or incapacity when parliament approves with a majority of the total membership of each house in favour of impeachment and not less than two thirds of the members of each house present.
    The Supreme Court and High Judges are appointed by A Collegium of Supreme Court Judges. The Supreme Court of India consists of a Chief Justice and not more than 30 otherJudges appointed by the President ofIndia. … o He must be, in the opinion of the President, a distinguished jurist.

  34. bharti baniwal 3 years ago

    Good morning sir

  35. Sumit Bhardwaj 3 years ago

    Very nice lecture…

  36. Gitu Kumari 3 years ago

    A judges of SC can be removed by an order of the president. Ground of removal are two 1.proved misbehavior or 2.incapacity.
    The judges of SC are appointed by the president and CJ is appointed by the president after consultion with the judges of SC and HC.

  37. Shubham Tyagi 3 years ago

    1st viewer 😋

  38. Good morning sir,
    Sir , how to get complete pdf of the hindu as well as pib etc. Plz tell me procedure sir
    I have linked my account to bank service just for sake of getting ur analysis nd pib comphrensively

    So plz tell me how to get complete from jan2018 to jan2019 nd how much cost i have to paid for that plz tellls also..

  39. Thanks sir

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