The Hindu Editorial News Analysis 25 Oct 2018 [UPSC/State PSC/SSC/Other Exam] by Manvendra Sir


This video is a Daily New Analysis of The Hindu Newspaper about the important topics from today’s News paper. This will be helpful for aspirants who are preparing for UPSC CSE / IAS / SSC CGL / RBI Grade B / IBPS and many other competitive examinations. The news analysis will also help you to improve your general knowledge.

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  1. Karuna Rathore 3 years ago

    Thnk u sir..11 Nov ka wait hai.. 😍

  2. Naincy Waliya 3 years ago

    Ans none of these

  3. Siaa N 3 years ago

    nice session sir, thanks
    minimum capital requirement for small and payment bank- 100 cr
    An anti-national regulation- GS 2
    The prince & the kingdom- GS 2

  4. Ravindra Pandey 3 years ago

    Sir notification nhi aa rha

  5. Sudha Das 3 years ago

    Thank you sir, great session….. good morning sir ☕☕☕
    Capital requirement for small payment bank in India – 100 crores…
    An 'anti-national' regulation [GS – 2], The prince and the Kingdom [GS – 2], ………… thank you sir, have a great day………………..

  6. Sudha Das 3 years ago

    Sorry to say sir, bt srif aaj ki editorial ka pdf link h 24 October ka nhi h………..

  7. Nidish Garg 3 years ago

    Sir news analysis kB karvaoge

  8. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Sir knowledge house par bbc news nhi ati h kya

  9. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    An anti national regulation g.s paper 2 the prince and the kingdom gs paper 2.

  10. Sudha Das 3 years ago

    Answer writing –
    Mental illness refer to a wide range of mental health condition disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour. Example of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors.
    Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms causes frequent stress and affect your ability to function.
    A new report shows how rising mental ill health is causing mounting disabilities, early death and fuelling cycle of poverty.
    BODY :-
    The term "mental health" has become a euphemism for "mental illness". This is in stark contrast to what it should be, for mental health is the most treasured aspect of our humanity. This is precisely why, when people are asked to compare different health problem are ranked as the one they fear the most. This is not surprising, 4 we rely on the diverse capabilities our mental health underpins two successful learn and master the skill that make our lives meaningful and worthwhile. So, one world expect that mental health would be the most prioritised of all issues facing the world. Sadly, that is quite for from reality.
    The Medical Journal, lancet, published a report by its Commission on global mental health.
    The environmental, biological, neurological and genetical factors at the early childhood age nurtures mental health of a child undernutrition, is the brain development in the early decades of birth decides mental health of a person.
    there is no community based mental health services in the country ignorence even people are not aware of the symptoms of depression loneliness suicidal motive. Lock of the core and empathy from the family, society.
    As the present generation is fueled with busy life, even individual has no time to look after the mental illness patient. Hi financial and sustainable treatment required to treat mental illness.
    Implication –
    Suicidal death is the leading causes of death for younger generation in india. Discrimination attitude, abusing fundamental right to the people. Leaving without dignity in equality, prevails at the mental illness patient require large amount of financial support, it leads to cycle to poverty. The person experience to serve economical and societal losses occurs.
    Way forward –
    Placing mental health problems at the centre of planning process. Embarrassing new opportunity adopting digital Technologies to facilitat community participation. Substantial additional investment and investment in R&D. Effective utilisation of existing resources, through integrated use of community district hospitals and large Hospital. Advanced understanding of the causes of mental disorders and develop more effective interventions to prevent and their them………………….. thank you sir……

  11. Eram Aazim 3 years ago


  12. Ajay Gautam 3 years ago

    SIR please tell me what is cold war?

  13. Siaa N 3 years ago

    sir apki ek line mujhe achi nhi lgi, sir mera man na hai ki taqat 2 tarah ki hoti hai ek marne ki ek sahan krne ki, girls ke pas sahan karne ki takat hai, islie ye na khke ki girls physicaly weak hoti hai, ye khna chahiye ki girls ke pas alag tarh ki strength hoti hai
    mafi chahungi agar apko meri bat buri lage, ye bs mera apna opinion hai ise other way pe mat lijiyega apki soch mujhe bahut pasand hai.

  14. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Sir aaj important day h indiake liye 25 Oct 1951 mai pehle loksabha election hue the

  15. Deeksha Dubey 3 years ago

    Daily mca ans h 100 crore.

  16. Rishav Anand 3 years ago

    100 cr..
    First payment bank is Airtel Payment Bank

  17. Mejar Raja Bundela 3 years ago

    hy sir

  18. Pragati Manubansh 3 years ago

    Mcq-option (a) 100 crores is correct

  19. Pragati Manubansh 3 years ago

    Answer writing :-
    Mental health is one of the most neglected areas of medical-care and mental health problems are increasing day by day. It is important to examine how it affects the person and his livelihood in terms of disability imposed, death caused and poverty inflicted.
    Most people with mental health problems do not receive care, which prolongs suffering and leads to colossal societal and economic losses. Even worse, they are often subjected to human rights abuses and discrimination. Perhaps no other cause of suffering has been so profoundly neglected; suicide is now the leading cause of death of young people, alcohol use is blatantly promoted by commercial interests and its abuse has been relegated to a moral issue to be addressed by primitive, punitive policies rather than through a public health approach, tens of thousands of people with severe mental health problems languish in horrific conditions in mental hospitals or on the streets and appalling deprivations — from undernutrition to neglect — that affect the development of the brain in childhood remain unchecked. There are virtually no community-based mental health services in the country etc.
    Conclusion :-
    Mental health services must be scaled up as an essential component of universal health coverage; barriers and threats to mental health, such as the pervasive impact of stigma, must be assertively addressed; mental health must be protected by public policies and developmental efforts; new opportunities must be enthusiastically embraced, in particular those offered by the innovative use of community health workers and digital technologies to deliver a range of mental health intervention; substantial additional investments must be urgently made as the economic and health case for increased investments in mental health is strong. There is also an immediate opportunity for more efficient use of existing resources, for example, through the redistribution of budgets from large hospitals to district hospitals and community-based local services. Finally, investments in research and innovation must harness diverse disciplines to advance understanding of the causes of mental disorders and develop more effective interventions to prevent and treat them etc.

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