In this lecture, we discuss the important news articles for 3rd August, 2019. The aspirants are advised to watch the entire video lecture for better understanding. Follow the link to read the Comprehensive News Analysis as well.

1. Tourists, pilgrims told to exit J&K amid security concerns
2. Valley of flaws (Article 370 & Article 35A): 2:24
3. Census may skip caste count (Census 2021): 8:39
4. Giving voice sample does not violate privacy, says SC (Right to Privacy): 12:55
5. At a crossroads (Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill): 16:07
6. The taproot of conservation justice (Forest Rights Act): 21:36
7. Practice Questions: 30:33



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The Video Lecture covers the detailed analysis of the Daily Newspaper. All the important articles and editorials of ‘The Hindu’ are covered strictly from the UPSC/IAS examination point of view.
The Video Lecture can be helpful for aspirants appearing for Bank PO/IBPS/CAT/SSC and other competitive examinations.

Please visit for the gist of PIB/Yojana/EPW/RSTV.

Understand the complete UPSC/IAS Syllabus here

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  1. BYJU'S IAS 2 years ago

    1. Tourists, pilgrims told to exit J&K amid security concerns

    2. Valley of flaws (Article 370 & Article 35A): 2:24

    3. Census may skip caste count (Census 2021): 8:39

    4. Giving voice sample does not violate privacy, says SC (Right to Privacy): 12:55

    5. At a crossroads (Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill): 16:07

    6. The taproot of conservation justice (Forest Rights Act): 21:36

    7. Practice Questions: 30:33

  2. mohan kumar 2 years ago

    Why some people dislike it, I don't understand!

  3. Hima Vamshee D 2 years ago

    I was a huge fan of Sarmad sir, I still am. But that doesn't take a hair away from how much value this sir provides, and the effort he puts in. This sir is also covering topics very comprehensively, and explaining lucidly.
    Everyone who teaches on this platform is simply awesome.
    Thankyou Byju's and the educators. Thank you very much.

  4. payal singh 2 years ago

    The scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers (Recognition of forest rights) act, 2006 is also known as Forest rights Act, 2006. The manner in which the application of Indian forest act, 1927 and the Land acquisition 1894 has caused marginalisation and hardship to the tribals and traditional forest dwelling communities, the Forest act of 2006 represents an important step towards removing these hardships. This casts tribal rights in a new matrix based on community control and customary access.

    What makes the law necessary?

    Before this act came, areas were often declared to be "government forest" under Indian forest act 1927, without recording who lived in these areas, what land they were using, what uses they made of the forest and so on.
    82% of Madhya forest blocks and 40% of orissa's reserved forest were never surveyed, similarly 60% of India's national Parks have till today not completed their process of enquiry and settlement of rights.

    Purpose to the act:
    The act basically grants legal recognition to the rights of traditional forest dwelling communities, partially correcting the injustice caused by the forest laws.
    Secondly, it makes a beginning towards giving communities and the public a voice in forest and wildlife conservation.
    It has made conservation more accountable and recognises the forest dwellers rights.

    Hence, the intention to curb out the Act would not only weaken the struggle and efforts of these communities for democracy, livelihood and dignity but also open up the sky for the eagles for exploitation and destruction of country's natural wealth.

  5. Sir a humble request that plz make a comprehensive video or a video series for all the bills passed in this session of parliament. It'll be of great help…

  6. Shivani Pundir 2 years ago

    Sir plz explain editorial in bilangual in Hindi and English both

  7. suresh chandra jat 2 years ago

    Thank u sir please you should go to show your answer also.

  8. IAS Ayushi 2 years ago

    Sir can u please make a video on keywords like critically analyse

  9. Thank u sir for your efforts..

  10. Tnq sir for posting this video very early tdy🙏

  11. Peeyush Agarwal 2 years ago

    Engagement with Hurriyat 😂😂

  12. Anand kumar 2 years ago

    thanks sir

  13. NIDHI MISHRA 2 years ago

    Thanku sir…keep it up…this is ocean of knowledge

  14. 100 % 2 years ago

    analysis by you very nice sir.
    the content you teach is highly relevant.
    we all are privileged to have an educator like you.
    I am preparing from home. it is very useful.
    it is our (all aspirants) request please continue this program.
    thanks a lot, sir

  15. Jai BYJU'S ✊✊✊

  16. satabdi mishra 2 years ago

    Plz reconsider your question regarding FRA 2006 FRA doesn't provide title rights .there is no change

  17. irfan ch 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir

  18. Karthish K 2 years ago

    Great session… please upload economic survey video next part

  19. Vikash kushwaha 2 years ago

    Make a plate form for answer writing

  20. Samar Khan 2 years ago

    sir, you are the best teacher on youtube regarding hindu anaysis👌

  21. Fenil Borad 2 years ago

    Please kindly review:
    Forests right act was enacted by the parliament in 2006 to recognise the claim of tribals on forest resources and ownership of land.
    Significance of the FRA, 2006:
    + security of tenure over land, cultivation and habitation rights.
    + maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment.
    + it paves way for conservation of biodiversity.
    + sustainable exploitation of resources.
    + provides social and economic justice in the form of sustained livelihood.
    There have been several criticism against the manner in which the act has been implemented so far.
    + deficiency within the gram sabha. ( lack of desired infrastructure and technical knowledge in dealing with records)
    + Gram sabha is still not constituted in many tribal areas.
    + lack of inter developmental coordination.( record keeping on forest lands include Multiple departments from forest department to gram sabha)
    + diverting forest lands for non forest produce.
    + failure of judiciary in recognising the rights of the tribals.( Supreme Court order on eviction of tribals, February 2019).
    Way forward:
    Awareness campaigns, collaboration with NGOs,
    a clear sense of political will and active bureaucracy is Required in order to implement the act in both letter and spirit.

  22. Ash Tunes 2 years ago

    Very nice sir thank you

  23. ABBAs Abba 2 years ago

    Thank you Sir from Kerala 😍

  24. adavath dilip 2 years ago

    Thank you BYJU's

  25. Girish Patil 2 years ago

    Democracy ke chakkar mein Kashmir ke strategic locations se haath dho baithna padega…

  26. Nataraja M S 2 years ago

    Sir how know S the answer for. This question

  27. Vamshi Reddy 2 years ago

    Thank you

  28. Rajnish Ranjan 2 years ago

    Pls post monthly compilations of these current affair sessions

  29. Manju's 2 years ago


  30. Vivek Kumar 2 years ago

    Thnq sir…

  31. neeraj bhardwaj 2 years ago

    Is PDF file not available ?????

  32. neeraj bhardwaj 2 years ago

    Pls sir get the PDF available

  33. RUSHIKESH GANGURDE 2 years ago

    Nice discussion but prelim questions should more tough
    Thanks 👍

  34. sunshine lady 2 years ago

    Thank u from d bottom of my heart

  35. R Harishitha Ready 2 years ago


  36. Kamlesh kumar Meena 2 years ago

    I believe this is the best channel for current affair but why only hindu article from economic times pib or other may be included and can be called compiled current affairs

  37. Aisha Hasan 2 years ago

    Motor vehicle bill 2019 is amendment in motor vehicle bill of 1988 in order to cover loopholes that exist earlier. Certain provision of motor vehicle amendment bill of 2019 is
    • National transportation policy for covering large mass vehicle and reducing pvt vehicle.
    •National road safety board .
    •Stiff penelatiltes.
    •Regulation for app based cab vehicles.
    • Regulation for fund in road accidents.
    These are the major key areas of government but still more reform is needed in order to tackle issue of road safety and transportation.
    •More policy for public support by providing subsidy for travelling in public transport and apply policy from UPA govt like urban public transport vehicle.
    • Adoption of using of 3D printing on road in order to reduce the speed of vehicles to avoid accidents.
    • Flyover constructed on road for pedestrian public as well as animals to reduce accidents.
    • Promote e-vehicle.
    • Awarness for digital literacy as their is regulation on app based cab vehicles .

    It's a very good step taken by present NDA govt to reform motor vehicle bill but still more needed in this digital world by providing funds ,awarness of using more public transport by involving people participate as accident is concerns as well as environment is concern.

  38. vinayak messi 2 years ago

    Sir please make a telegram group where we can post our written answers.. Writing is better than typing I feel.. If possible please create a telegram group

  39. jalal patel 2 years ago

    Sir, day before yesterday, you told about to watch concept and operation of cryptocurrency, will you provide me that video link?

  40. Heaven Way 2 years ago

    Thank you so much sir.

  41. Aisha Hasan 2 years ago

    Forest right act 2006 provide right to those who are primarily reside in forest as well as depend on forest land for their livelihood.FRA include ST and traditional forest dwellers and this act classify them in three category:
    1. Individual right to live in forest as well culivate .
    2. Community right for access of forest resources such as timber etc.
    3. Community management right for conservation and management of forest and its resources.

    As all acts are covered under some condition FRA 2006 also provide eligibility criteria for claiming its resident and require verification but still large tribal group are suffer such as non traditional forest dwellers because of
    – they fail to prove their claim.
    – corrupt practices of beurocrats.
    – insufficient documents .

    Conclusion :
    Reform is needed in FRA2006 and we have to focus on non traditional forest dwellers and others tribals who become landless and more proper definition is require for evacuation of tribals from forest.

  42. R Shylendhran 2 years ago

    Keep supporting byju's friends ….Keep doing byju's

  43. S R Gurjar 2 years ago

    please provide English sub title

  44. Harshit Goel 2 years ago

    I think there's a MISTAKE in your first practice question.
    Article 20 only says 'no retrospective application' IF punishment is introduced/increased BUT it doesn't say anything about the case in which punishment might be reduced. So, that way retrospective application of criminal law might apply in case of reduced punishments.

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