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  1. BYJU'S IAS 12 months ago


    1. Behind new incidents, a changed dynamic along India-China border (McMohan Line, Line of Actual Control, Aksai Chin)

    2. The changing nature of Chinese diplomacy: 21:08

    3. Pakistan as both terror perpetrator and victim: 22:02

    4. COVID-19 unlikely to affect illicit drug supply (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)): 27:32

    5. ‘India, U.S. to collaborate on vaccine trials’ (Vaccine Action Programme): 29:50

    6. Hotter oceans spawn super cyclones (Super Cyclone Amphan): 31:35

    7. Practice Questions: 35:35

    8. Trojan Horse Malware

    9. Interpol & Central Bureau of Investigation

    10. Olive ridley turtles

  2. Rajat Alaria 12 months ago

    Thank you sir.. Waiting for it desperately. Thanks a lot again

  3. Mala Tiwari 12 months ago

    The way you explain everything is totally amazing ❤️❤️…

  4. Mohit Watwani 12 months ago

    Thank you Sir

  5. ayesha paul 12 months ago

    Sir plz add pib news also

  6. Rajat Alaria 12 months ago

    Maja aa gya sir aaj to, kafi acha explain kiya i do China dispute ko

  7. Ramesh Bavirisetty 12 months ago

    It's a boon for civil service aspirants..
    Thank you so much sir….
    I have been following your sessions since 1year..

  8. Rishabhdev Shukla 12 months ago

    India China relations completed….. 👍🏻

  9. LEEMI KECHE 12 months ago

    A state sponsor of terrorism

    Over the past many years Pakistan has embraced radicalism and terrorism as a part of its policy. In order to wage proxy wars against its enemies in order to achieve its geopolitical goals and protect its national interest. The country has nurtured its own terror outfits to fulfill her demands, especially against India. Pakistan has also been accused by other countries such as Afghanistan and Iran and other nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, of involvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond. The U.S. Country Reports on Terrorism describes Pakistan as a ‘Terrorist safe haven’ where terrorists are able to organize, plan, raise funds, communicate, recruit, train, transit, and operate in relative security because of inadequate governance capacity, political will, or both.

    Pakistan also remained on the grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) till June 2020 as it failed to comply with the 27-point action plan to control funding to terrorist groups. The international terror financing watchdog has warned Pakistan of stern action for its failure in combating money laundering and terror financing. The FATF noted that Pakistan addressed only 14 of 27 action items given to it for controlling funding to terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, responsible for series of attacks in India.

    A victim of terrorism

    Since the 1970s the radicalization and extremism by Pakistan in its own society have created a deep divide among its own society. This has led to the rise of a radical form of Islam such as Salafism and Wahabism and this has affected the minority communities such as Shias, Sufis, Ahmadiyyas, and Hazaras. As a result terror outfit which Pakistan has nurtured to meet its geopolitical demands, radicalization and national interest backfired when some of these terror groups turned their back against their manufacturer. These very rebel terror outfits started attacking the Pakistan state itself. These outcomes have prompted Pakistan to divide them into good terrorism such as Taliban, Haqqani network, JeM, LeT as they help Pakistan achieve its geopolitical goal. For instance, LeT and JeM help Pakistan push its Kashmir agenda and unleash their terror attack in India. On the other hand, bad terrorism group such as Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has repeatedly targeted the Pakistani army, the Government as well as the minority community.

    This clearly shows that Pakistan is not just sponsoring terror outfits but it has also become the victim of terrorism due to its investment in terrorism and radicalization it has ended up in creating a Frankenstein monster which the Pakistani state is no longer able to control.

  10. Raghavendra Patil 12 months ago

    Great piece of information.. really helpful in understanding Indo china relations.. thank u Byjus

  11. Sadiq Hussain 12 months ago

    Super, Super, Super Analysis…Hats off.!

  12. yashwanth king 12 months ago

    India and China shares border of land which is very important for both of countries for trade and as well Geopolitical purpose
    Off late there was a tensions were increasing between borders for regions such a arunachal Pradesh and akshai chin region there was a economic aspect for China with both regions as a part of belt and road intisative but war of land has long history from 1962 war to recent dokalam war as there was clear political and startgetic aspect of people republic of China to become world power
    In year 2000 on wards there is a rapid growth of both the countries in terms of development and army
    Further both are major industrial and manufacturing hubs of world
    As everything is moving smoothly but always clashes occur due to broders there should be a best action plan to solve this issues by both the countries a no place for third party
    Conclusion: with a emergence of globalization both India and China are growing as the powerful Nation's of world both should cooperate on the terms of banking , military , and trade related activities and also there should a peace talks first regarding border dispute than establishing friendly relations will promote tremendous growth of both economies

  13. deepti Sharma 12 months ago

    Thanks 😊 sir

  14. Spandana.r Spandu 12 months ago

    Superb explaination about border dispute tq sir

  15. chandraprakash meena 12 months ago

    India & China both are ancient civilization of the world. Both countries share a long boundary (3488km) which is second longest international border of India after Bangladesh. Due to unclear perception from both sides creates local clashes between both army.

    India-China border can divided into three phases
    1. Western- it includes laddakh region
    2. Central- it includes himachal Pradesh & utrakhand.
    3. Eastern- it includes Sikkim & arunachal Pradesh.
    India ratify the Mcmohan line under shimla convention 1914 by default after independence Although China can't ratify because they argue that shimla convention was signed between Tibbet & British India. Both parties are not exist now. Some following significant events are –
    1.In 1950 China annexed tibbet in leadership of Mao Zedong .
    2. In 1954 China-India signed panchsheel agreement.
    3. 1959 during Tibet uprising Dalia Lama a Tibet are religious teacher with it supporters came & were sheltered by India due to humanitarian grounds & strategic base. It created a stoned on relation of Indo-China.
    4. In 1962 China invaded on India & in consequences crushing defeat for India.China declared unilateral ceasefire & withdraw its troops except Aksai China. After Pakistan handed over shaksheen valley to China due to make a nexus against India.
    5. 1967 Nathu La & Chu la incident this root is closed for 40 days.
    6. 1987 some local clash was happened on LAC.
    7. 2005 special representative mechanisms meeting of NSA with counterparts to settle border dispute through negotiation.
    8. 2017 – Docklam stand off occurred between both armies which was resolved by Wuhan summit.
    9. Recently occurred a Mammlapuram summit which strength the relation of bilateral relationship.

    China enjoyed comfortable advantages due to better infrastructure, logistics supports. However , since 15 years India adopted more forward position by December 2022 after completing of 61 strategic road & military capabilities. Due to vague international boundary & both countries has different perspective a few Minor clashes always be continued. But, its has potential to transform into major stand off which is not be good sign of regional peace & global peace.

    India & China both are important player based on economy , area & population. Stand off on LAC can create geo-political tention. Both countries should have to resolve the tension through negotiations because Friends can be altered according to interest but, neighbors is not temporary.

  16. atul tyagi 12 months ago

    Ans 1- India and China, both timeless ancient civilizations and emerging world powers have a dynamic history and the efforts towards coexistence, cooperation and trust build up on these very complexities.

    The disagreement of the 1949 formed PRC Government to accept the legitimacy of the "McMahon line" of 1914 is the pivotal point of contention.
    "The Indo China war of 1962" exacerbated the border disputes which can be broadly categorised:

    (i) Northern: An area of about 37,244 sq. km in the "Aksai Chin" region which rightfully belongs to India but is administered by China as per the LAC.
    Furthermore, "Shaksgam valley", occupied by Pakistan has been 'leased' to China.

    (ii) Central: disputed areas around Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Tibet borders.

    (iii) Eastern sector: China's misplaced claims to include the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as south Tibet.

    In the recent times the dynamics have changed where India's increased capacities are challenging China's conventional strongholds at the Indo Chinese borders. India has seen considerable improvement in its -"infrastructure, equipments, logistics and troop positioning at strategic positions."
    This has been a necessity as well as giving a resultant impetus to increased Chinese aggression to counter, as seen in recent confrontations at Pangong Tso lake in Indian UT of Ladakh and at the Nathu La pass.

    Yet, there are mechanisms developed in course of the same history such as:
    -Agreement for peace and tranquility of 1993
    – Confidence Building Programs
    – Special Representative Mechanisms
    – Border defence cooperation Agreement, 2013
    – recent innovative means such as informal summits which have been central to solving the Doklam stand off
    which all provide promises for mutual understanding, fostering prosperous peace and stability for the two neighbours.

    ((Reviews and suggestions are welcomed))

  17. Sandhya Chavan 12 months ago

    Can you please post ur videos in afternoon

  18. Crazy for myself 12 months ago

    Thankyou Sir!!!!

  19. Khushi Saini 12 months ago

    This is gold 👍🏻

  20. Mir Daniyal 12 months ago

    Take a bow Chetan sir. The absolute detail of this analysis is staggering. Thank you for all you do for us.

  21. Shubham Sen 12 months ago

    Thank You BYJU'S IAS👍

  22. laba kumar 12 months ago

    Thanks BYJU'S IAS.. Thanks Sir for your valuable explanation today The Hindu Article.

  23. Mayank Sharma 12 months ago

    Please upload this little earlier, around

  24. Ayushi Verma 12 months ago

    Sir, it would be very convenient for most of us if the daily current affairs video gets uploaded in the first half of the day. It will lead us to a routined study pattern as we will be done with the current affairs section in the first half and will strategize the rest of our time.
    Thank you!

  25. mysterious queen 12 months ago

    Newspaper helps us to know current affairs, but byjus tells us about static and current affairs as well. Your explanation regarding every topic is tremendous. I'm glad that I found byjus which ease my current affair preparation. Thank you

  26. Sunil Kumar 12 months ago

    Religiously thanks sir superb analysis! 😊😊😊

  27. Sambhaji Narote 12 months ago

    Best analysis ever I seen

  28. Nisha Chaudhary 12 months ago

    Nice explanation…….keep doing 👍👍

  29. Manjeet Parihar 12 months ago

    I love to see your analysis sir..please provide analysis on a specific time so that we can make our timetable …

  30. CMR CHANDAN 12 months ago

    Thanks for making us strong to fight such a tough competition,,, love u so much,,

  31. Hensha Rumi 12 months ago

    Superb analysis❤

  32. sagar98 malothu 12 months ago

    sir, please upload early

  33. Thank you so much sir..thanks for this invaluable effort sir🙏🙏

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