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  1. Vishal Parihar 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone, SHARE the session on your Facebook.
    download the pdf

  2. shiv shankar pal 3 years ago

    Hi vishal sir .me apka editorial show hr roj dekhata hu isase hme English me bahut hi improve hua ..sir pahle hm English ke Karan bank exam me qualified nhi kr pathe the .but is bar sbi po me interview ke liye qualified kiye h ..thanks sir g ..ap Harare liye God father h ….Namaste sir g

  3. varsha Bajaj 3 years ago

    Explain how the dilution of section 377 marks a welcome departure from countries of heteronormative thinking?

    Introduction :
    Section 377 of indian penal code , introduced a law during British time of india, criminalises the sexual activities," against the order of nature". But
    The Supreme court verdict decriminalising sexual activities, which is ofcourse landmark judgement

    Supreme court, in Suresh Kumar Koushal v Naz Foundation (2013), The Delhi High Court judgement that the unnatural sex between two consenting adults is illegal and it will continue to be offence. But now th verdict has corrected, the decision meant that LGBTQ committe should have equal protection of law, and there was nothing wrong having sex against the nature law.

    We should welcome the judgement ,because there are many large no of cases where transgender men are being blackmailed, harrased, and these types of cases have sharply risen in last 4-5 years. Apart from that people undergo terrible humilation , psychological stress, which is generally affected their personal lives.

    Now they are treated with dignity, have equal rights in every things, live their life without fear, express their thoughts without any humilation . we live in a 21st century still people thinking for transgenders is very low. As a human we should understand their feeling and emotions. There is nothing wrong having sex against nature.

    Conclusion : we are country of many religions. No one has a right to impose his/her thoughts to other.

  4. Jahii Jahil 3 years ago

    thanks again Sir

  5. jay prakash jha 3 years ago

    Explain the grammer

  6. Ashwin480 3 years ago

    Indian penal code

  7. G.ANITA RAJ 3 years ago

    Thank you Sir

  8. PANDIT VENKATESH 3 years ago


  9. Gurpreet Kaur 3 years ago


  10. sonam Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Thank u sir

  11. Manisha Guray 3 years ago

    Sir pls grammar bhi bta diya kro isme

  12. Khushbu Khare 3 years ago

    Wow vishal sir no words for ur editorial expalination so happy to be ur student…👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. kiran kritika 3 years ago

    Stirring- excitement
    Flagrant- Immoral
    Facet- features, aspect
    Retrogression- earlier state
    Poignant- regret
    Heteronormative- preferred sexual orientation
    Dissent- disagreement
    Unfathomable- incapable understood
    Queer- strange
    Inheritor- an heir
    Apartheid- discrimination
    Expropriation- dispossessing
    Despair- hopeless
    Explicit- clearly

  14. neha gupta 3 years ago

    Vishal sir aap jb haste hain toh bahut he cute lgte hain aapka teeth squirrel ki tarah h 😃😃😃 khali pet Dakar aa gaya aapko 😂😂😂 nice session sir 😊

  15. Meenu Gururani 3 years ago

    Grammar and phrasal verb b batayen sir

  16. Saim saklain 3 years ago

    Sir g ibps po English ke class nhi chalegi

  17. Meenu Gururani 3 years ago

    Sir english ki class q nhi le rhe h aap…aapne kha tha monday se regular hogi

  18. Meenu Gururani 3 years ago

    Or aap grammar b nhi bta rhe h

  19. Sirazuddin Ansari 3 years ago

    What is section 377 ?.
    Section 377 of the indian penal code (IPC) dating back to 1860 during the British rule of india , Criminalises sexual activites against the order of nature including sexual activities , including amongst Homosexuals , were not penalised in india .
    Context :-
    The supreme court landmark judgment decriminalising say sex is that social morality can not trump constituional morality .

    In 2000 , 172nd low commission report Recommended first time to decriminalize section 377.

    Naz foundation an NGO for sexual health filed in PIL in 2001 against section 377 in Delhi high court which dismissed the petition.

    Section 377 is violation of article 14, 15 and 21 of constitution .
    Article 14– Equality before low
    Article 15– Right to freedom
    Article 21– Fundamental right

    The list of countries where homosexuality is not crime — 27 country in world .
    Heteronarmative patriarch :- the believe heterosexuality or having sexual relation with the opposite sex in the only acceptable standard or norm . by difinition they exclude ignore and oppress lesbian, gay, intersex, bisexual and transgender identities .
    the patriarchy refers to a culture of social power created by man for men.

    The British , who enacted the low got rid of it in the 1960 in England .

  20. Sonalika Kumari 3 years ago

    Sir aap post kha krte Ho mujhe dikh hi nhi rha

  21. Akash Kumar 3 years ago

    Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

  22. Chinju Vibin 3 years ago

    Can you please explain in english?

  23. Akhilesh dangi 3 years ago

    Sir your teaching really help me a lot ..
    Thank you very much sir for providing us your valuable time.

  24. Babita sahoo 3 years ago

    U R The BeSt BeSt ..😊for Editorial…Mast se Samjhate Ho sr….Phr Jb pyar se Response Dene bolte ho Bht Achha lgta h …..U R awsome Sr👏😊

  25. Shivam Chaurasia 3 years ago

    Thank you Sir… attended

  26. rakesh panda 820 3 years ago

    sir descriptive ans kaha per milega…. plz… explain… or provide pdf…

  27. mohmmad arbi 3 years ago

    sir muje aap se padna accha laghta but is chanle se todha ajeb lagtha

  28. Sandeep Kumar 3 years ago

    Yes sir

  29. RANI SINGH 3 years ago

    तू कर विचार, जीत संसार, आएगा ना ये अवसर बार-बार,
    गिर गया तो क्या हुआ, तू फिर से खुद को कर तैयार
    चुना है जो तूने रास्ता,चलता जा उसपर,अब ना कर ज़्यादा सोच-विचार,
    जीत पर सब साथ हैं,नहीं है कोई सफर का यार…
    ना बैठ यूँ थककर,जब लक्ष्य है तेरा फ़तह संसार!!!!!!

  30. Sahitya Verma 3 years ago

    Sir aap A ooor B ko lekr smja diya kro basse aap bhut jbrdst smjate ho . I'm big fan of u .

  31. Rahul Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir Mahendra Guru ke baad aap yaha? Nice to see you once again on here. I was missing you editorial. Thank you sir. I love your editorial show

  32. LO gic 3 years ago

    you never fail in life either you win or you learn

  33. Arvind Kushawaha 3 years ago

    राह संघर्ष की जो चलता है
    वही संसार को बदलता है
    जिसने रातो से जंग जीती है
    सूर्य बनकर वही निकलता है

  34. Kritika Singh 3 years ago

    What happend to today's session i.e 8 sep??

  35. Sakshi Jhamb 3 years ago

    what about today's session

  36. Sir, aap to pahle mahendra me padhate the?

  37. silva sahu 3 years ago

    Ibps po ki english cls ab nehi hogi kya sir ??

  38. rupam singh 3 years ago

    IPC – Indian penal code.

  39. geeta samant 3 years ago


  40. Shalu Attri 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

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