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  1. FAQ with K. R 3 years ago

    #Sir is insane duniya me pta nhi kya kya chalan me hey or ye english words banane walo Ko kya ho gya haiπŸ‘€πŸ€’πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸπŸ‘„ foolish world
    But your all videos useful for everyone πŸ‘ keep it up πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Lalan Sharma 3 years ago

    Sir,Make video on "Not to speak of".

  3. VIJENDER 3 years ago

    him & his me different karwa do

  4. VIJENDER 3 years ago

    sir screenshot lene diya karo

  5. ysarvesh yadav 3 years ago

    Sir newspaper ka bhi video banaya karo please

  6. Bajirsingh dhami 3 years ago

    I can speak english fluently thanks to u 😊

  7. Abdulqadeer buner 3 years ago

    Sir how to write any easy without any preparation
    Please explain it please

  8. Abdulqadeer buner 3 years ago

    Sir how to write any easy without any preparation

  9. Abdulqadeer buner 3 years ago

    Sir how to write any easy without any preparation

  10. Abdulqadeer buner 3 years ago

    Sir how to write any easy without any preparation

  11. Nitesh Singh 3 years ago

    I am having a hard time+ Gerund
    I am having a great time+ Gerund

    Inko kis sense Mai use karte h sir

  12. Pawan Sharma 3 years ago

    What is difference between regular and regularly?

  13. Meenu Saini 3 years ago

    Sir if the interviewer ask the question to candidate during interview……ki ap pe extra quality kya hai ki hm apko as a teacher select kre????

  14. Braj Anand 3 years ago

    Thanks ! Sir ji

  15. vikash kumar 3 years ago

    Very nice

  16. Nitesh Pandey 3 years ago

    Please sir Ripley kijiyga isase to ye sens nikal rha hai ki dhnywad ho hamari tim ka sir support to my team nhi bol sakate? sir sens nikal rha hai pr complete arth nhi aarha hai

  17. Noor Patel 3 years ago

    Jab may choti thi tab two family's ke bich may bahot bada zagda ( ladai ) hui thi please eshka English translat Kya hai

  18. PRACHI THAKUR 3 years ago

    Tnkuu sir
    Carry on😊😊😊😊😊😊

  19. Siyaram Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir the hindu editorial ko chhor diye hai daily please please please please

  20. DUKHI AATMA 3 years ago

    I have learnt english grammer thanks to youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Gulam Ali 3 years ago

    Sir ek video have causative verb pe banaye

  22. Kishan Devnath 3 years ago

    Dear sir fantastic video, I request you please make video on rest and rest of

  23. Salman Khan 3 years ago

    Great job sir

  24. dheer Singh 3 years ago

    Sir can you tell me what is meaning of ''I'm in go home''
    I listened this sentence in Hollywood movie.

  25. NITESH KUMAR 3 years ago

    Sir newspaper ke headlines ke hindi krne pr videos bne sir, please.

  26. Ankush Nagare 3 years ago

    sir make video based on enough

  27. Arvind Paul 3 years ago

    Someone vs somebody

  28. Joya Khan 3 years ago

    Sir after 12th class ke leya best corres ke upre video banaeye sab strim ke liye

  29. Abhishek Mishra 3 years ago

    I have a lot of things thanks to you

  30. Rajiv barlaskar 3 years ago

    Sir job phrasal verb hota tob kiyu pronoun bich mein hota, example, i ratted him out to the police

  31. Rajendra Mehra 3 years ago

    Today i got i good job thanks to my teacher.
    I got a new car thanks to my parent's earning.
    He was about to die thanks to people's wishes.
    Can we use by dint of instead of thanks to as well.

  32. Goutam Saha 3 years ago

    very educative class

  33. Yogesh Gupts 3 years ago


  34. hemlata sangar 3 years ago

    Arrive and reach

  35. Saswati Sengupta 3 years ago

    Bht achha ji. Thanks

  36. Sk Nasir Uddin 3 years ago


  37. Sarmil Kar 3 years ago


  38. Ahmed Israr 3 years ago

    Where we use word "managed to" in sentences !!!!! Please explain!!!!

  39. lucky sachin 3 years ago


  40. Divya Yadav 3 years ago

    Your teaching so good and always I learnt new things from your videos and cleared many doubts through your videos thanks a lot for this nice job which is provided by you…

  41. Ubaid Rehman 3 years ago

    Sir, I don't know about this topic before but it was pleasure to know that we learned a lot by your video, bundle of thanks

  42. pawan nimesh 3 years ago

    U r really great sir
    I am ur fan

  43. Geeta Mehar 3 years ago

    Ammmmmazing……. Thks a lotπŸ‘πŸ‘

  44. Muhammad Qaiser 3 years ago

    Very useful

  45. Mahmood Alam 3 years ago

    Sir, please explain about "hats off"

  46. deepak singh 3 years ago

    sir I want to u , please make newspaper video daily as much as possible / bcs newspaper is something something hard to reading for Hindi medium students ,

  47. Parmar Sunil 3 years ago

    What is difference between sometime or sometimes

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