XAT vs MAT: What is the Difference between XAT and MAT Colleges in India

XAT vs MAT โ€“ What is the difference between XAT and MAT and which examination is easier to crack? Firstly, XAT, MAT or even CAT areย national level management entrance examinations conducted for admission to PGDM / MBA Programs. EurAsian Times explains which examinations between XAT and MAT is easier...

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Current Affairs with PT – 01 Nov 2018 – UPSC | CAT | Banking | SSC | Govt Exams | CLAT


Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Visit the parent site http://CA.PTeducation.com for full post, including QUIZ and PDF downloads. You will find all our posts on that site itself. All the best – Kar ke dikhayenge ๐Ÿ™‚ source

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Must know about this number: Golden Series : Maths By Amiya


If the summation of the first digit, square of 2nd digit and the cube of the third digit of three digit number is number itself then find the middle digit of such smallest number. (consider digit place from left-hand side) ๐’‚๐’ƒ๐’„=๐’‚^๐Ÿ+๐’ƒ^๐Ÿ+๐’„^๐Ÿ‘ ================================= To Join Online Classes for Quant (Maths)...

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Your Question My Solution : WITH A REQUEST


Through T, the mid-point of the side QR of a โˆ†PR, a straight line is drawn to meet PQ produced to S and PR at U, so that PU = PS. If the length of UR = 2 units then the length of QS is___ Question From – The...

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MUST FOR XAT /SSC JE :Golden Series :Inverse Factorial Sum


๐Ÿ/๐ŸŽ! +๐Ÿ/๐Ÿ!+๐Ÿ/๐Ÿ’!+๐Ÿ/๐Ÿ”!+๐Ÿ/๐Ÿ–!+ โ€ฆ = ? a. 2.8 b. 1.17 c. 1.54 d. 1.86 Exponential Series ================================= To Join Online Classes for Quant (Maths) , DI , LR (Reasoning) for CAT / SSC / BAKING – https://www.3elearning.in/ To join off line classroom at Ranchi : visit – https://goo.gl/SaezYz ================================= Learning...

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Your Question My Solution : Base Trisect


In the given fig โ€“ BF=FE=EC, DE||AC & FG||AB then what is the area ratio of quadrilateral AGHD to that of triangle ABC. ================================= To Join Online Classes for Quant (Maths) , DI , LR (Reasoning) for CAT / SSC / BAKING – https://www.3elearning.in/ To join off line classroom...

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