Class 11 Physics: Projectile Motion || Concepts And Derivation || IIT JEE || NEET || By IIT ALUMNI

In this video I have discussed about projectile Motion, derivation for time of flight, range of motion, and maximum height. Also given concepts for solving any kind of projectile motions. source

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Class 11 Physics: Problem 2 || Motion in straight line || IIT JEE || NEET || By IIT ALUMNI

Example include following concepts : displacement equation, velocity, acceleration, dimensional analysis, Differentiation source

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Class 11 Physics: Integral calculus || Area under the curve || IIT JEE || NEET || By IIT ALUMNI


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Class 12 Physics:|| 1.3 || Conductors & Insulators || Electrostatics || IIT JEE || NEET

In This video I have discussed about conductors, Insulators and Earthing from the NCERT Class 12th book. source

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