Inverse Trigonometric Functions| 04 Properties VIII | Chapter 2| MATHS | XII IIT JEE

Inverse Trigonometric Functions #Properties VIII source

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Function – 08 Transformation of Graphs – | Chapter 1| MATHS | XII IIT JEE

#Transformation of Graphs Drawing the graph of y = f(x) + b, bϵR, from the known graph of y = f(x) source

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Function – 05 Inverse Functions | Chapter 1| MATHS | XII IIT JEE

#Inverse Functions – The condition for existence of inverse of a function is that the function must be one – one and onto. Whenever an inverse function is defined, the range of the original function becomes the domain of the inverse function and domain of the original function becomes...

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Function – 04 Mapping Functions – | Chapter 1| MATHS | XII IIT JEE

Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 Relations and Functions – Mapping # One–One or Injective Function # Many-one function # Onto function or Surjective function # One – one onto map or Bijective function source

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