Integration for JEE Main & Class 12 Maths, Basic Integration Formulas, Properties, Rules: Lecture 19

Are you targeting JEE Main conducted by NTA in January 2019? Pulkit Jain, B Tech from IIT Roorkee and Co-founder & Master Teacher of Vedantu is taking a live Online Free Master Course on Youtube to help you with the Most Important Topics of Maths for JEE Main. He...

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Definite Integrals – 5 | Proof Of Prop.7 | CBSE + IIT JEE Maths | By O.P. GUPTA

#OPGupta A video Tutorial on the Definite Integrals of Class XII Maths by O.P. Gupta! Check the Fourth part, for the Proof of the Properties 1 to 6 at Check the Definite Integrals – 3 at Check the Definite Integrals – 2 at Check Definite Integrals...

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Definite Integrals – 1 | Properties of Definite Integrals | IIT JEE | CBSE | Class XII | O.P. Gupta

A video Tutorial for Definite Integrals of Class XII Maths by O.P. Gupta! In this part, we have discussed few important properties and have taken a few sums to elaborate these properties. 【In one of the Properties I discussed in this videos, there is one technical error (?), according...

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Problem on Leibnitz Rule | Definite Integration-1 Scr 2005 | CBSE/JEE Mains & Advanced

Problem on Leibnitz Rule in Definite Integration-1 Scr 2005. Leibnitz’s Rule for derivative under the integral sign. Problems based on differentiation of a function with definite integration. Tutorial Video For IIT-JEE/CBSE Students For Complete Chapter wise syllabus of MATHS “FREE OF COST” BPS Chauhan is Senior MATHS Faculty, belongs...

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