CAT Preparation – Percentages Question 01

CAT level question in Percentages – 01 Question : A earns 25% more than B. C earns 25% more than A. A earns 20% more than D. E earns 20% more than A. A, B, C, D, and E earn integer amounts less than Rs. 100. What is the...

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CAT 2018 – How to stay motivated for CAT

Don’t get Demotivated while Preparing for CAT Stay Motivated. 1. Split your Final target and Split into Micro Targets “Be Micro Ambitious”. 2. Concentrate more on the things What you can do now and Don’t expect more on the final output like Mock CATs. 3. Set realistic Ambitions –...

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CAT 2018 – Preparation and Revision

In this video Rajesh Balasubramanian speaks about how one should prepare and revise for CAT exam. Points covered: 1) It is better to master a single topic than knowing bits from three topics. 2) Read Principles and basics, Practice a lot of questions and Revisit Theory often. To watch...

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CAT Preparation – Polynomials Question 13

CAT level question in Polynomial – 13 Question: What is the sum of all numbers less than 200 that are either prime or have more than 3 factors? (a) 19900 (b) 19533 (c) 19522 (d) 19534 For more CAT questions from Polynomials , visit – To watch all...

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CAT Preparation – Polynomials Question 12

CAT level question in Polynomial – 12 Question: (2^4 – 1)/(2 – 1) + (3^4 – 1)/(3 – 1) + …. + (10^4 – 1)/(10-1) = ? For more CAT questions from Polynomials , visit – To watch all our live sessions, visit – Pump up your...

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CAT Preparation – DILR Solution for IIMCAT 2017 – Slot 1 ( Set 2 and Set 4)

You can watch all our DILR Question videos – To watch all our live sessions, visit – and Pump up your CAT Preparation with 2IIM Online CAT Course! Up to 20% of the Course Content is available for Free. Click the link below and Sign up...

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