CAT 2018 – Reading a lot. RC scores not improving. What to do?

CAT Verbal – Reading Comprehension Preparation Strategy for CAT 2018. In this video Rajesh Balasubramanian explains we can improve CAT VARC score by reading a lot daily and he says 1. Don’t target speed read daily. 2. Read for Pleasure. 3. Don’t try to remember all facts you read...

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CAT Preparation – Profit and Loss Question 02

CAT level question in Profit and Loss – 02 Question: A trader marks his goods up by 40%, but due to rains a part of his goods get damaged and have to be marked down by x% from the CP. If 40% of his goods were damaged, what should...

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CAT Preparation – Polynomials Question 13

CAT level question in Polynomial – 13 Question: What is the sum of all numbers less than 200 that are either prime or have more than 3 factors? (a) 19900 (b) 19533 (c) 19522 (d) 19534 For more CAT questions from Polynomials , visit – To watch all...

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CAT Preparation – Polynomials Question 12

CAT level question in Polynomial – 12 Question: (2^4 – 1)/(2 – 1) + (3^4 – 1)/(3 – 1) + …. + (10^4 – 1)/(10-1) = ? For more CAT questions from Polynomials , visit – To watch all our live sessions, visit – Pump up your...

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CAT Preparation – DILR Solution for IIMCAT 2017 – Slot 1 ( Set 2 and Set 4)

You can watch all our DILR Question videos – To watch all our live sessions, visit – and Pump up your CAT Preparation with 2IIM Online CAT Course! Up to 20% of the Course Content is available for Free. Click the link below and Sign up...

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