Euclid’s Division Algorithm | GMAT Numbers Practice 7 | GMAT Online Course | 650 Level Question

GMAT Online Classes | GMAT Number Properties Practice Q#7 | Remainders & Factors | Properties GMAT 650 Level Practice Question: The remainder of dividing a number N by 28 is 19. What is the remainder when the number is divided by 7? The video discusses a standard approach to...

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GMAT Data Sufficiency Basics | Data Sufficiency Tutorials | What is GMAT DS? | DS Questions

This video is the starting point for everything GMAT DS. GMAT Data Sufficiency Basics. About a third to 40% of the questions in the GMAT quant section are data sufficiency questions. 1. What is data sufficiency? What is the structure of a GMAT DS question? Any data sufficiency question...

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Division Standard Framework Practice | Euclid’s Division Algorithm | GMAT Numbers Practice #6

GMAT Online Classes | GMAT Number Properties Practice Q #6| Euclid’s Division Algorithm | Division Standard Framework A GMAT 600 to 650 level practice question. Concept covered: Standard framework of division and LCM of numbers Question What is the smallest positive integer that leaves a remainder of 2 when...

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2 Important Remainder Results | Remainders of Sum & Product | GMAT Number Properties Lesson #18

Must Watch Video Result 1: Remainder of sum of numbers = sum of remainders of numbers. Result 2: Remainder of product of numbers = product of remainders of the numbers Key Questions Answered in this video: 1. Can the remainder of dividing a number by a divisor ‘d’ be...

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Number of Ways of Expressing a Number as a Product of Two Co Prime Numbers | GMAT Numbers Lesson #17

Formula, method and derivation to find the number of ways in which a positive integer can be expressed as a product of two co prime factors. Factors that are relatively prime to each – i.e., two factors whose HCF is 1. The Method Step 1: Prime factorize the given...

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How to Find Product of all Factors of a Number | GMAT Number Properties Lesson #16

Derivation, logic and formula to find the product of all factors of a positive integer. The method to find the product of all factors of a number: Step 1: Compute the number of factors for the number. Step 2: The product of all factors of the number including 1...

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GMAT Verbal

GMAT practice Test – Get free 7 day GMAT practice tests – Fill out the short form and get notified about new video! About me: I am a founder of MBA Strategy. I completed a 1-year executive program at Stanford Business School. I have 740 on GMAT....

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GMAT Webinar: Hip Hop Secrets to Data Sufficiency

Think hip hop and the GMAT don’t mix? Think again! In our next GMAT webinar, Veritas Prep’s Chief Academic Advisor will show you how you can learn from some of hip hop’s biggest hits to perform better on the GMAT and ace its difficult Data Sufficiency questions. If you’re...

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Dividing 2 numbers by their HCF | GMAT 700 Level Practice | GMAT Number Properties Practice #5

Dividing 2 numbers by their HCF | Number Theory Properties Practice #5 | Number Theory 700 Level Practice Question | Online GMAT Coaching This question helps consolidate your understanding of HCF concepts. Question: If the sum of two positive integers is 592 and their HCF is 37, how many...

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HCF Word Problem | GMAT 650 to 700 Level | GMAT Number Properties Practice #4 | GMAT Online Course

Arithmetic Word Problem | HCF Word Problems | 650 to 700 Level Quant Practice | GMAT Number Properties Practice #4 | GMAT Online Coaching Step 1: Identifying whether to use LCM or HCF to solve this word problem. Question: There are 147 pens, 441 pencils and 784 chocolates in...

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