GMAT Lesson Video #2 | Percent Discount & Percent Profit | 600 Level Practice #12

GMAT Profits Lesson Video and Practice Question Concept: How to compute marked price? How to compute discount? As a percent of what is discount computed? What is the percent profit? The solution to this 600 level problem solving question in profits and discounts use the concept of assuming the...

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GMAT Profits Practice Question #8 | 650 Level Word Problem | Profit Percent

GMAT Online Course | Profits Practice Question #8 A GMAT 650 level problem solving question. A word problem to compute profit percent. Concept: Compute cost price if the selling price and profit percentage or loss percentage is given. The solution uses the proportions method to find the cost price...

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GMAT Profits Practice #5 | Express Profit, SP as multiples of CP | 600 level Problem Solving

GMAT Profits Practice Question #5 | Best Online GMAT Course 2 GMAT 600 level problem solving practice question in profits. Concept: How to express profit and selling price as a multiple of cost price? Question 1 If the cost price of 44 articles is equal to the selling price...

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GMAT 600 Level Quant Practice Question #4 | Profits | Express Profit, SP as multiple of CP

Part 1: GMAT Profits Practice Question # 4 | GMAT Online Course GMAT 600 level problem solving practice question in profits. The question is solved in the traditional way. Part 2: How to express Profit and Selling Price (SP) as a multiple of Cost Price (CP)? Express profit as...

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GMAT Sub 600 Level Practice Question | Profit, CP & SP | Solve in less than 20 seconds

GMAT Practice Question | Profits This question is a very easy (sub 600 level) GMAT problem solving practice question in profits. The aim of the question is to help consolidate the idea of solving profit loss questions using the proportions method. Watch the video and learn how to solve...

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GMAT Profits, Discounts Lesson #1 | Percent Profit & Loss | Definition & Formulas

GMAT Quant Online Course | Profit, Loss, and Discounts | Lesson #1 Definition and formulas covering cost price, selling price, profit, loss, percent profit, percent loss, marked price, discounts, percent discounts. Framework to solve questions in profits using proportionality method. You could expect 1 to 2 questions in the...

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GMAT Percentage Practice #16 | Plugging in Values | GMAT Math Tutorials #GMATQuant

GMAT Quant Practice Question | Percentage & Fraction This is a problem solving practice question in percentages. The solution to the question highlights the importance of plugging in values to reach the answer in the shortest possible time. Question If a = (9 /11) b, then b is what...

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GMAT Percentage Practice #14 | Percent & Mixtures Word Problem | 700 Level Question

GMAT Problem Solving Practice Question #14 A word problem in mixtures and percentage. 700 level problem solving practice question. Concept: The concentration of one of the elements in a mixture increases when we remove a part of the second element in a mixture of 2 quantities. 2 to 3...

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GMAT Percentage Practice #13 | Percents in Mixtures | GMAT Math Lessons

GMAT Percentage Practice Question A 650 level GMAT problem solving practice question in percentage and mixtures. The question is a word problem in mixtures and percents. Concept: Diluting the concentration of an additive in a mixture of two elements by adding more of one of them to the mixture....

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