Which of the following lists the number of points at which a circle can intersect a triangle


Which of the following lists the number of points at which a circle can intersect a triangle? Andrew Geller of Atlantic GMAT explains this question from the GMAT Prep tests. Here is an in depth blog post detailing the thinking needed to tackle this questions and other GMAT puzzles:...

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A committee of 3 people is to be chosen from four married couples


A structured way to solve GMAT combinatorics questions by Andrew Geller of Atlantic GMAT. Here’s an in depth blog post with diagrams working through the question and explaining the method: https://atlanticgmat.com/a-committee-of-3-people-is-to-be-chosen-from-four-married-couples-what-is-the-number-of-different-committees-that-can-be-chosen-if-two-people-who-are-married-to-each-other-cannot-both-serve-on-the-co/ source

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A certain city with population of 132000 GMAT Solution.


Detailed GMAT explanation by Andrew Geller of Atlantic GMAT. Here’s an accompanying blog post with an in depth write up: https://atlanticgmat.com/a-certain-city-with-a-population-of-132000-gmat-explanation/ Comment with any questions or additions. Happy studies! source

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