CAT Preparation – Simple Interest Compound Interest Question 02

Question: On a certain sum of money, compound interest earned at the end of three years = Rs. 1456. Compound interest at the end of two years is Rs. 880. Compute the principal invested. A) Rs. 2,400 B) Rs. 2,800 C) Rs. 2,000 D) Rs. 1,600 For more CAT...

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CAT Preparation – Simple Interest Compound Interest Question 01

Question: Krishna borrows Rs. 45K from a bank at 10% compound interest. He repays it in three annual installments that are in arithmetic progression. He ends up paying Rs. 54K totally. How much did he pay in year 1? A) Rs. 16,500 B) Rs. 19,500 C) Rs. 21,000 D)...

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