CAT Preparation – Progressions Question 05

Question: Consider a, b, c in a G.P. such that |a + b + c|= 15. The median of these three terms is a, and b =10. If a (greater than) c, what is the product of the first 4 terms of this G.P.? A) 40000 B) 32000 C)...

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CAT Preparation – Progressions Question 03

Question: Sequence P is defined by p(n) = p(n–1) +3, p(1) = 11, Sequence Q is defined as q(n) = q(n–1) – 4, q(3) = 103. If p(k) greater than q(k+2), what is the smallest value k can take? A) 6 B) 11 C) 14 D) 15 For more...

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CAT Preparation – Progressions Question 01

Question: If 4 times the 4th term of an A.P. is equal to 9 times the 9th term of the A.P., what is 13 times the 13th term of this A.P.? A) 7 times the 13th term B) 0 C) 13 times the 7th term D) 4 times the...

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