In this video, we take you through the SWOT Analysis Method for NEET Preparation.

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  1. Thank you so much for this helped me to make myself on my track

  2. Aditya Gumasta 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  3. Rahul Sharam 2 years ago

    Sir My goal is to achive 600+

  4. Vandana Jha 2 years ago

    This time my tenth

  5. You don't want to say those lines sir because I will like share and comment even you don't say those lines…

  6. iphone icloud 2 years ago

    Want to crack NEET in 2020 600+ and want to join a best medical college

  7. iphone icloud 2 years ago

    Started chasing goals from 8th std

  8. iphone icloud 2 years ago

    Sir is NEET online in 2020 computer based and 2 times a year??

  9. iphone icloud 2 years ago

    Want to crack NEET in 2020 with 600+ marks and with a free seat in good medical college

  10. Bhanvi Sharma 2 years ago

    Sir make a plan for getting to aiims or getting AIR rank under 500 plz… How to start from beginning to get there! Please sir it will be a great help.. please share strategy and study plan for this.

  11. Ambika Ambi 2 years ago

    I started to chase my goal from this yr only bcoz of motivating myself on my track….hope would achieve it too…

  12. 650 in neet

  13. I do 300 mcq each day

  14. Abhilasha N. 2 years ago

    Goal- College in 2020
    Who's goal? – Mine and mine only
    When did I start chasing? Since childhood

  15. Meena Ahirwar 2 years ago

    Hy sir cengage publication a to z book neet prepare in the best ,yes or no

  16. wattagirl ; 2 years ago

    I want to get into KGMCU and yes its 'my' goal , right now I'm not on the right track and my distraction is the habit of procrastinating ….thanks for getting me back on track

  17. #650 target….
    # I want to be a doctor since I was in L. K. G… # I wanna serve for poor people who cannot afford high fees of doctors.. I wanna make my parents proud

  18. Rahul Jain 2 years ago

    Thank sir

  19. Rushikesh Kamble 2 years ago

    # 720 target 💪💪💪

  20. Gaurav Anand 2 years ago

    Plzzz sir tell how class 11th students can get prepare for 2 years for NEET

  21. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    Sir plz make on video best physics book for 2021neet

  22. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    Sir plz

  23. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    Sir plz

  24. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    Sir plz

  25. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    How to study for physics neet

  26. Nakul Nilwarn 2 years ago

    How to study for NEET Physics

  27. Logesh Karthick 2 years ago

    My goal is to become
    a not "the Dr.Logesh"
    I would like to get a good score in NEET 2k20
    And getting admission in govt medical college in Tamil nadu.🙋🙋

  28. Logesh Karthick 2 years ago

    U r my motivation☺☺

  29. Logesh Karthick 2 years ago

    I can do my best for my goal..

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