This video will help you to get motivation for jee neet exam.
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About: Physics For You is a channel for those students who want to get hand in physics for JEE/NEET preparation by an IITian Om Raut Sir, along with this this channel will also help you to other information regarding JEE/NEET exam.
In any case you gotta bounce back. There are my suggestions to you:

Learn from your past mistakes. Don’t study for marks this time. Get absorbed into the subject.
Leave your pride and become humble. When you are humble, inflow of real knowledge takes place.
You have a lot of backlogs of 11th, clear some of them, let go most of them for now. Do only the ones who become prerequisites of 12th class chapters
These chapters to do:
Physics: Just basics of Mechanics
Chemistry: Whole Chemistry of 12th Class is linked to 11th. Therefore try to complete it.
Maths: Trigonometry, Inequalities, Permutations & Combinations, Sequences Series etc.
If you do not know prerequisites of a chapter, just try to learn the prerequisites on the spot while studying the chapter. It will not take much time.
1.You have less time but still you need to give time to learn theory properly and slowly.
2.Do Advanced level books. Don’t waste your time on simple books. Good Advanced level books start from basics.
3.You can still do it. If I can, you can!
4.Work smart, work hard too.
Maintaining focus during the critical period between mains and advanced is both the most vital and most ignored part of your journey. However, before proceeding further, congratulations on your performance in JEE mains. Just carry on the hard work for a few more weeks, and the hallowed portals of the IITs will welcome you with open arms.

Now regarding staying focussed during these trying times. Spend some time everyday thinking about the bright future ahead, one you ace the advanced, think of all the adulation you will be showered with, think of the day you will finally become an “IITian”. Life in IITs is not a bed of roses, but still, once the tag is with you, life does become a bit easy. Also since you are a dropper, this is essentially your last chance to realize your cherished dream. Do not get over anxious thinking this as a “life or death” situation but use it as a motivation.

Secondly, think about how your parents will react once you finally become an IITian. From time immemorial, they have scolded on how the legendary “Guptaji ka beta” has stood first in class, but now they can finally heave a sigh of relief. All their anxiety regarding your future, your studies will be erased clean in that one moment. Get motivated and start studying for the sake of every extra hour your father worked for doling out your coaching fees, for every night your mom stayed awake with you through these two exhausting years, for the sake of all those times, when your parents shielded you from all crises, so that you do not lose your focus.


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  1. Zabardast bhai

  2. Komal Kumari 2 years ago

    Mast hai sir

  3. COC GAMER 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  4. DOLLY KUMARI 2 years ago

    Happy birthday Sir 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  5. Nice work 👍

  6. Natthu Ghodse 2 years ago

    Mahol Bhai

  7. Nasrin Naaz 2 years ago

    Thank you so much Om Sir for your words of encouragement!
    It means a lot to me!
     You are the best physics faculty.

  8. ARUNADITYA SUPRIYO 2 years ago

    धन्यवाद, महोदय | यह एक बहुत ही उत्साहजनक व्याख्यान था |

  9. NISHANT DHAKTOD 2 years ago

    Congratulations dear Om
    Your video will definitely helps students …….All the best

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