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JEE Main Solutions –Structure of Atom – 2018 (Online and Offline Papers)

JEE Main 2013-2017 Solutions are available on the COACHENGG APP

Q22 (JEE Main 2018 Online 1): Ejection of the photoelectron from metal in the photoelectric effect experiment can by stopped by applying 0.5 V when the radiation of 250 nm is used. The work function of the metal is :
(1) 4 eV (2) 5.5 eV (3) 4.5 eV (4) 5 eV

Q23 (JEE Main 2018 Online 2): The de-Broglie’s wavelength of electron present in first Bohr orbit of ‘H’ atom is :
(1) 0.529 Å (2) 2π × 0.529 Å (3) 0.529/2π Å (4) 4 × 0.529 Å

Q24 (JEE Main 2018 Online 3): Which of the following statements is false ?
(1) Splitting of spectral lines in electrical field is called Stark effect.
(2) Frequency of emitted radiation from a black body goes from a lower wavelength to higher wavelength as the temperature increases.
(3) Photon has momentum as well as wavelength.
(4) Rydberg constant has unit of energy.

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