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The Statement of Purpose or the Personal Statement is an essay that you are required to submit while seeking admission in a university for any level of study. Usually spanning 500 to 1000 words, this all-encompassing document outlines your academic and professional achievements, your aspirations as well as the role of the university in helping you achieve them. Additionally, it is one of the building blocks to a great application.

What does the SOP entail?
A good SOP covers four major aspects, namely: who you are, what you have done so far, what you want to do, i.e., your academic as well as professional aspirations and how the university can help you. Each of these four aspects must be weaved together cohesively and clearly in order to provide an idea to the admissions officer of what you are like as a student and a person. This is the reason why the SOP can either make or break your chances at an acceptance letter.

How important is an SOP?
In short, very important indeed! The SOP is absolutely paramount to a successful application, mainly because it sets you apart from other students with similar academic qualifications and professional aspirations. It is your one chance to prove your worth and secure your admissions; so the better your SOP, the more your chances of your application being successful. A winning SOP also opens the doors to excellent scholarship and teaching/research assistantship opportunities.

Additionally, for students with a weak academic profile, a good SOP can compensate for what they lack and will serve to highlight their future ambitions and goals. So whether you are an average student who is concerned about your MS aspirations, or an achiever who wants to obtain the best possible scholarships, a stellar SOP will be the ticket to your dream.

5 mistakes to avoid while writing your SOP
Now that we have established what the SOP is and how it impacts your applications,Checkout the video for five most common mistakes made by students while drafting their SOP, and how you can avoid them.

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    Download Crafting A Winning SOP eBOOK here

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