Live Schedule:
{5th September 2018}

9:30 AM – Railway Crash Course Day – 3 for General Studies By GS Expert Shefali Ma’am:

10:00 AM – Railway Crash Course Day – 3 for General Awareness By GA Expert Abhijeet Sir

10:30 AM – Railway Crash Course Day – 3 for Quant By Quant Expert Utkarsh Sir

11:15 AM – Railway Crash Course Day – 3 for Reasoning By Reasoning Expert Sachin Sir

1:00 PM – English Lab Class – 3 by English Expert Nitin Sir:

2:15 PM – General & Financial Awareness Class 6 by GA Expert Abhijeet Sir:

4:00 PM – Vocab Speed Quiz 28 by English Expert Pratibha Ma’am

5:00 PM – Figure Counting – 2 by Reasoning Expert Parikalp Sir:

6:15 PM – Number System – 6 by Quant Expert Utkarsh Sir:

7:30 PM – 5th September Current Affairs By GA Expert Abhijeet Sir

8:30 PM – Top Scoring Topics in Reasoning By Reasoning Expert Sachin Sir
Mission IBPS PO 2018

Mission IBPS RRB Mains Advanced Reasoning

Learn about Mughal Empire – 2 in this SSC Class 5 by Shefali Ma’am to get full knowledge from exam point of view. Make a note of important points to revise them later for your exams. Keep an eye out for more upcoming SSC Live classes for Quant, Reasoning & General Studies by various Experts.

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~ Watch SSC General Studies Class 2 on Khilji & Tughlaq Dynasty :

~ Watch SSC General Studies Class 1 on Slave Dynasty :

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Moreover, visit Testbook Blog to find more such articles & boost your exam preparation. Stay tuned with Testbook’s YouTube channel and other socials (FB, Twitter, Instagram) to get instant updates on job notifications, current affairs, test series, free tests, recent exams and much more.

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  1. 3 years ago

    Live Schedule:
    {30th August 2018}

    8:30 AM – GS Class – 5 on Mughal Empire – 2 By Shefali Ma'am

    9:45 AM – Vocab Speed Quiz 24 by English Expert Pratibha Ma'am:

    12:15 PM – Syllogism by Reasoning Expert Parikalp Sir:

    2:30 PM – Puzzles Class – 2 by Reasoning Expert Shyam Sir

    3:45 PM – Reasoning Speed Quiz 27 by Reasoning Expert Shyam Sir:

    5:00 PM – Cloze Test Part – 2 by English Expert Pratibha Ma'am:

    7:30 PM – 30th August Current Affairs By GA Expert Abhijeet Sir

    8:30 PM – Puzzles – 1 for IBPS PO Prelims By Reasoning Expert Sachin Sir

  2. vikram meena 3 years ago


  3. vikram meena 3 years ago


  4. vikram meena 3 years ago


  5. vikram meena 3 years ago


  6. Chandrjeet Singh 3 years ago

    very good mam…

  7. Sakshi Katiyar 3 years ago


  8. Suresh Kumar 3 years ago

    Mam classes in English may better for all students those who're don't know hindi very well

  9. Shivam Gupta 3 years ago

    Akbar Won Gujarat in 1572😉

  10. JIBAN SATAPATHY 3 years ago

    Uthak baithak karaiye… Jo gape maahrnhe..

  11. Mohit Sharma 3 years ago

    Haven't told about petticoat govt

  12. SOURAV RAY 3 years ago

    Thank you mam ..

  13. Vipin Kumar 3 years ago

    Ashok is the national rular

  14. Dibyashree Dash 3 years ago

    Mam ye class k PDF nei he kya

  15. sai kiran puvvada 3 years ago

    Please tell the class in English it will understand who don't know Hindi

  16. Beware Now !!! 3 years ago

    History Of Jizya-
    Jizyah is what is taken from the People of the Book – and from the mushrikeen, according to some scholars – every year, in return for their being allowed to settle in Muslim lands, and in return for protecting them against those who would commit aggression against them. 
    The word jizyah comes from the word jazaa’ (recompense). It is as if it is a recompense for us allowing them to live in our land and for us protecting their lives, property and dependents

  17. Bijesh Choudhary 3 years ago


  18. Ankit gupta 3 years ago

    Mam nice

  19. Zafar Iqbal 3 years ago

    Mam u please cover the entire history syllabus in upcoming videos even if it takes a month.. The way u r teaching is just awesome and simple to understand.. Thank u very much..

  20. Nani Nani 3 years ago

    Top quality pics .. Very understanding with visualisation.. testbook is best in quality.. especially Photos for GS and PDF files .. I'm huge follower of urs.. but quantity is very saying again very less.. my request is plz appoint better quant lecture with large quantity of questions with short tricks.. and for english discuss about grammar also.. And for GS improve lot of syllabus like make videos of MCQs daily 4 times .. Discuss all GS questions.. plss so many frnds request also.. atleast focus in GS LIKE THIS.. FINALLY ONE all my frnds saying testbook is about quality not quantity.. but give me promise TESTBOOK IS ABOUT QUALITY AND QUANTITY… PLS

  21. MAYANK chahuan 3 years ago

    Mam 1 minutes d dia karo for taking screenshot

  22. Varun Kumar 3 years ago

    Mam ancient history bhi pdhna hai iske baad pls. Start..

  23. Arpit Mishra 3 years ago

    National king chandragupt maurya but according to option ashok

  24. Rakesh s Rana 3 years ago

    Likes bahut kmm h…. 🙄
    Etta a66a pdhaya…… Ku6 students ko pta nee kahaan se kya pdhna…..

  25. Dr Bhupendra singh 3 years ago

    Mem class 6 kab kab hogi?

  26. Javed Anwar 3 years ago

    babur to afganistan me dafnaya gaya tha

  27. MALAY SARKAR 3 years ago

    battle of chausa-1539,,,battle of kannauj-1540

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