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Welcome to the video solution series of SSC CGL 2017 tier 2 Maths paper by RaMo, CAT 99.99%iler.

The SSC CGL 2017 Tier 2 Math paper was widely said to be as one of the toughest papers in SSC CGL history. Students found the paper to be very tricky, difficult to solve and score marks. Join me RaMo in this series where I would show you that the SSC CGL Math paper wasn’t all that tough if students learn Maths with the correct approach and look to develop a thought process instead of rattafying the formulas. We would present the complete solution to the SSC CGL Tier 2 Math paper for all sessions and provide simple , logical solutions to problems that were said to be too tough. This video series is helpful not just for SSC CGL aspirants but for students preparing for other aptitude exams like CAT, Bank PO( SBI PO,IBPS PO) also as it is a good reminder that nothing is fixed in exams , patterns will change , difficulty level will also change but nothing can stop you from scoring marks if you keep your feet grounded in logic and don’t run after useless tricks.

In this lesson Question no.81 to 100 has been discussed with smart tricks and formula free approaches by RaMo.

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  1. Apttrix eClasses 3 years ago

    ➡ Join RaMo’s Telegram Group :
    Follow RaMo on Facebook :
    9th March Solution Playlist Link:

  2. Real Fighter 3 years ago

    QID 484: 44 is the middle no. 17 no. are before and after 44. As these are even no. Multiply these no. by 2. So 44-34= 10 ( first no.) & 44+34=78( last no.)
    (78+10)/2= 44( again verified)

  3. munna kumar 3 years ago

    Sir I don't find solution of 17. 18. 19

  4. Real Fighter 3 years ago

    QID 496: Only option 2(308) is divisible by 4,7,11.

  5. Amit Singh 3 years ago

    Ramo sir, u r rambo for those who really understand maths..thanx for changing our Outlook towards questions…sir we r really benifited ..m almost cgl qualified aspirant so u can trust my words ..but please sir don't ever think to stop ur videos …we are eager to learn many new things from you sir…and wholeheartedly thanx to you rambo sir..n sir please don't get demotivated ,if nt getting much likes n share. ur genuine students who really understand n thoroughly follow u always like n share ..go with the quality students sir why to harm those who r genuine n aspire ur logic for those who have nothing to do with maths n competition..u understand it as well sir a quality thinking mind can understand ur logic not those who cram i request u to go with quality students sir🙏

  6. Nitish Singh 3 years ago

    sir plzz do questions on permutation, level remainder theorem question

  7. B S 3 years ago

    सर कृपा करके एक बार आप अपने तरीके से Geometry and trigonometry पढ़ा दीजिये। यह हमारे लिये बहुत ही beneficial होगा।

  8. The Royal Riders 3 years ago

    Sir apki puri series dekh chuka hu..aur jis question me mai fasta hu..whi aap ni krate…aise karib 6-7 queations ho ge ab tak..please unhe kra dijiye

  9. Rahul A 3 years ago

    ab mensuration 3d par kuch videos banaiye sir

  10. Sumit Biswas 3 years ago

    Hatoff sir thank you solv all 500 question vedio Dena stop matkar na plz plz apka every class hatkar hora hai every class se

  11. Shubham sharma 3 years ago

    Sir.. apke lesson dekkr kuch ho rha h .. ab koi bhe question samne aata h toh use common sense se krne ko try krta hu or iss chakar m bhut time nikl jata h us question m. or traditional method lgane ka mnn nhi krta ab ki sayad ye bhut easy trh se hi ho skta ho.. pta ni ye acha ho rha h ya bura smj ni aa rha mere sath ..pls help about this sir.🙏😥😥😥

  12. Jyoti Rout 3 years ago

    Sir a train increase the speed by 6km/hr it would take 4 hour less if speed of train decrease by 6km/hr it would take 6hour more the length of journey sir without option elimation sir eka formula mujhe malam he lekini sir exam me aata nehi rota hua gayan vul jatahe please sir ramo mantra dijie please bahutu doubt hata he e bala question se

  13. hemant dhawan 3 years ago

    Sir crash course Ka kya hua

  14. Ravi Sahu 3 years ago

    Is option ka sahi hona iski majboori hai … samay ki ghor barbadi hai… vahiyat options hai……☺☺☺👍👍👍 a grateful thanks to ramo sir….. keep on this series sir.

  15. Devbrat pandey 3 years ago

    Thanks sir very helpful

  16. Ramesh kumar 3 years ago

    Awesome sir

  17. Rajat Chittoriya 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot, Sir. I had viewed all your videos providing solution of 2017 SSC CGLE Aptitude papers along with your videos of different topics of Arithmetic. Honestly, your approach of attempting questions is very good and really it helped me to face the same question with different perspective. Sir, as it is last video, it is an humble request to you that please don't stop providing videos. Sir, please continue your teaching through videos and provide us the maximum videos before SSC CGLE exam. Thank you.

  18. goutam bhagat 3 years ago

    sir i also solve arthametic sums without formula or any trick bt dnt have mammoth concept of trigonometry and geometry so i have to stick with basis bt ur aprocah is very adorable ..i want to develope my common sense ..please guide us so that we can develope our own approach..thank u

  19. Vaibhav Srivastava 3 years ago

    sir plss give some advice for cat's quant and Di section

  20. Rajat dhiman 3 years ago

    thnk you so much again ek or awsome session k lyee… thn k you so much..when i will select in ssc all credit goes to you for mth..schi. qki agr mth m speed ayi h only becoz of you vrna vohi traditionlly approches lag rhi thi mri.

  21. Rajat dhiman 3 years ago

    students jo in sessions ko nhi dekh rhe h unhe pta hi ni h ki ye srf naam k analysis bt iski value itni jyda h jo hume pure saal pd kr bhi ni mil skti..

  22. shubham singh 3 years ago

    Awesome video sir

  23. Sir आपके ही कारण अब मैं पेन पेपर नहीं उठाता , केवल DI और कुछ ज्योमेट्री के फिगर वाले कुएसशन्स को छोड़कर , बाकी के सारे ऐसे ही मन में solve हो जाते हैं within seconds. मेरे अंदर भी ये ability थी जिससे मैं ख़ुद ही अनभिज्ञ था , उससे मुझे रूबरू करवाने के लिए आपका तहे दिल से शुक्रिया ।। काश आपसे कभी मिल पाता ।। 💝 from West bengal.

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