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Welcome to the video solution series of SSC CGL 2017 tier 2 Maths paper by RaMo, CAT 99.99%iler.

The SSC CGL 2017 Tier 2 Math paper was widely said to be as one of the toughest papers in SSC CGL history. Students found the paper to be very tricky, difficult to solve and score marks. Join me RaMo in this series where I would show you that the SSC CGL Math paper wasn’t all that tough if students learn Maths with the correct approach and look to develop a thought process instead of rattafying the formulas. We would present the complete solution to the SSC CGL Tier 2 Math paper for all sessions and provide simple , logical solutions to problems that were said to be too tough. This video series is helpful not just for SSC CGL aspirants but for students preparing for other aptitude exams like CAT, Bank PO( SBI PO,IBPS PO) also as it is a good reminder that nothing is fixed in exams , patterns will change , difficulty level will also change but nothing can stop you from scoring marks if you keep your feet grounded in logic and don’t run after useless tricks.

In this lesson Question no.11 to 20 has been discussed with smart tricks and formula free approaches by RaMo.

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  1. Apttrix eClasses 3 years ago

    ➡ Join RaMo’s Telegram Group :
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    9th March Solution Playlist Link:

  2. Rahul A 3 years ago


  3. Arya Singh 3 years ago

    Sir ji some errors in explaination in question 1.

  4. banda cool 3 years ago

    Great sir 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. kishan sahu 3 years ago

    Sir plz ab topics wise padha do..Nd number system padha do sir

  6. Satish 37 K 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir
    _Guys Share this video as much as possible_🙏

  7. Pankaj kumar 3 years ago

    Sri dhara Acharya kya hai sir ji? 😂😂😂 Q18 me?

  8. Mrs Perfect 3 years ago

    Got it sir jiii

  9. amresh k 3 years ago

    Sir Q 13 me easily y se multiply Kr denge then cube of y ka form a jayega

  10. naman dixit 3 years ago

    Question 13 to aise hi easy h sir…
    Y^3 chhye …y se multiply kr do equation
    Y^3= y^2 + 7y
    Y+7+7y= 8y+7

  11. B S 3 years ago

    RaMo mantra is Guru mantra

  12. veda siva 3 years ago

    Q:413 why so much thinking sir ,we can just multiply both sides with 'y' right

  13. Prashant Mishra 3 years ago

    Sir g approximation par ek classs

  14. Rahul Kumar 3 years ago

    If y is multiplied by both sided we will easily get answer sir ji

  15. rishi anand 3 years ago

    Sir plz crash course resume kre

  16. Sonu Kumar 3 years ago

    Second question ka second part ka koi aur tarika????

  17. Pushp kumar 3 years ago

    सर किसी के चैनल की BELL ICON press नहीं कर रखी only आपकी चैनल की है 😘😘

  18. Kripai Pal 3 years ago

    Sir last question unit digit and sum of digit ke madat se vi asan e se ho raha he…kyu ki unit digit 6 and sum of digit 1 fir answer 4096 hi possible he…

  19. Thanks sir

  20. Rajiv singh 3 years ago

    Thank u ramo sir…

  21. vijay kumar 3 years ago

    Super mathod

  22. anoop kumar 3 years ago


  23. Abhishek kumar 3 years ago

    In qid:413 – uu can go by substitution it will be easy

  24. Abhishek kumar 3 years ago

    It will be formulae free

  25. atul kostha 3 years ago

    Sir number system complete kra dijiye

  26. Bhaskar Dubey 3 years ago

    20:30 sir, equation ko y se multiply karden to ques khatam hojaega.

  27. Avijit Mondal 3 years ago

    Thank you sir

  28. Kumar Jayant 3 years ago

    Question no 18…Superb…mind blowing logic

  29. spontaneous l 3 years ago

    thanks sir

  30. Rakshit Yadav 3 years ago

    Gajabb……apporixmation ki class…..if possible

  31. nitu Dixit 3 years ago

    Love you sir !! You are the best

  32. Shivaji PRSG. 3 years ago

    Thank you sir 😘😘

  33. Jyoti Rout 3 years ago

    Sir compound interest clear nehi hua i will see your crash course please or eka bar padhaie please sir request

  34. Nitish Gupta 3 years ago

    In ques no 14 ans should be 4th option 13/3. When x=6, then 4th option will satisfy the condition.

  35. Jyoti Rout 3 years ago

    I want to ramo mantra

  36. Jyoti Rout 3 years ago

    Sir please i am poor student

  37. Jyoti Rout 3 years ago

    Sir 3times i will see your ci lecture but i am not clear

  38. Danish Hasan 3 years ago

    Sir question20 ka koi aur short .. method h kya …

  39. Danish Hasan 3 years ago

    Please start the crash course ….now u know paper is coming

  40. Utkarsh Jha 3 years ago

    Zabardast sir…..u r gr8….

  41. Vishal Gupta 3 years ago

    Sir qustn no 420 me direct formula to lg rha ha (x-y)^3 form me…

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