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I have started daily maths quiz question solution for ssc cgl-2018. questions will be misc.

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QUESTION # 1 A gardener has a garden in right triangular shape as ABC when ∠B 900 , AB = 8 cm and BC = 6 cm. He plants rose flower in the square area at right corner of the garden as shown below and in rest of the area he plants Jasmine flower. DE is perpendicular to AC and DE = 4 cm. Find the ratio of the are of rose flower to jasmine flower.
a) 2/147 b) 1/74 c) 2/145 d) 1/145
QUESTION #2 Three semicircles with radius as r , 2r and 3r are representes by C1 , C2 and C3 respectively. All three semicircles have same centre as O. From a point P on C3 two tangents PQ and PR are drawnsuch that PQ is a tangent on C2 and PR is a tangent on C1. Find the area of quadrilateral PQOR.
a) r2(√5 -√2) b) r2(√5 +√2) c) 2r2(√5 +√2) d) 2r2(√5 -√2)
QUESTION # 3 In a right triangle ABC, AC = 12, BC = 5 and ∠C = 900. A semi circle is inscribed in the triangle as shown below. Find the radiu of the semi- circle.


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