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  1. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  2. Arup Rai 3 years ago

    3 min

  3. Arup Rai 3 years ago

    Understanding the qst

  4. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  5. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  6. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  7. Arup Rai 3 years ago

    Electron formation

  8. Arup Rai 3 years ago

    If it has odd electron it is paramagnetic

  9. Arup Rai 3 years ago

    If it has even electron on its last orbit it is diamagnetic

  10. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  11. ABHI Lash 3 years ago

    it is a basic fotr studying the stfucture of all the mllecules

  12. ABHI Lash 3 years ago

    yes mam

  13. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  14. Arup Rai 3 years ago


  15. Aniket Raj Jha 3 years ago

    Mole concept.
    Euivalent conept.

  16. sai vamshi 3 years ago

    hello mam, this was an amazing vedio i had ever seen. ur way of teaching was really awesome.

  17. sanjana reddy 3 years ago

    mam this vedio was very helpful to me…. thank u so much mam for making this vedio

  18. namrata kakkar 3 years ago

    it was an excellent vedio

  19. sunil naidu 3 years ago

    mam it was really an awesome vedio

  20. Gautham 3 years ago

    Nazma Shaik Mam, Loved your session… Could you please provide shortcut tricks on Organic Chemistry (for reaction mechanisms). Thank you so much

  21. Sneka Baskaran 3 years ago

    basic concepts of organic chemistry

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