Here we discuss about our CAT advanced workshops where we will discuss every topic from basic to advanced.

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  1. Aditya Yadav 3 years ago

    sir I'm in final year. & my 1st term exam is on 26th November & 25 November CAT.what can I do?

  2. Sir is mock score can judge real cat score?

  3. Kumuda Mallick 3 years ago

    Thank you sir

  4. Kumuda Mallick 3 years ago

    I'm ready

  5. Shawn Colaco 3 years ago

    Hi sir
    To get into a b-school like GIM.. Is work experience necessary??

  6. Amba Sharma 3 years ago

    Is it possible to get into top 4 iim having merely 70% in 12 and 89% in 10th. And 65% in btech.

  7. AB 3 years ago

    Instead of daily can't I see recorded videos for 21 hrs on weekends.
    I am working's quite hectic for me to draw time.

  8. AB 3 years ago

    Can't it be done that sat & sun I will watch videos but from mon to Fri …will it possible to see those in combined form on weekends.
    Like 3*5 days = 15 hrs
    Or 3*7= 21hrs

  9. How can i attend these classes

  10. Diivyansh Prajapati 3 years ago

    Sir one complete revision of DILR section and one of quants?

  11. Tasmiya Syed 3 years ago

    Will you please post recorded videos of workshop….it would be beneficial to the students who cannot afford 4500… please do post your workshop videos day to day….

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