LEC-1 – Reaction Mechanism | NJ SIR | IIT-JEE,NEET,AIIMS,CBSE,CLASS-12th |Study Tricks, Reaction Mechanism By NJ sir, Reaction Mechanism by nj sir

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Complete Organic Chemistry by NJ sir
Complete (Full) Reaction Mechanism



Reaction Mechanism by nj sir
Name reaction by nj sir

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  1. abhishek yadav 3 years ago

    Thank u so much…. Plz aap continue rakhiyega

  2. Ashish Tiwari 3 years ago

    Please upload full

  3. shivam kavitkar 3 years ago

    ThAnks apke sahare hu bass

  4. Adarsh kumar 3 years ago

    Bhai batado kab tak centre of mass upload kar doge please reply please

  5. Hitesh Patidar 3 years ago

    bhai plzz kindly request he ki jld se jld circular motion friction by nkc sir upload kijiyega plzz

  6. Swapnil creation 3 years ago

    Sound thoda kharab lagta hai but aap bohot accha sikate hai 😊

  7. Shanur rahman 3 years ago

    Bhai upload krona…kbse wait kr rhe sblog …..17 hours ho gya no lecture abhi tk

  8. Suhas R 3 years ago

    Thanks so much 😀. By when will u upload full organic?

  9. Aman Miharia 3 years ago

    Reaction mechanism mei aur video bhi hai kya?

  10. Ashutosh Dash 3 years ago

    please upload hydrocarbons chapter too before kvpy exams. it's really essential.

  11. Count down 3 years ago

    Bhai Isomerism ka video lecture

  12. Wani Zohra 3 years ago

    to correct the sound and thanks for making videos on Rxn mechanism

  13. aman anand 3 years ago

    i shared it to everyone bro..they are really wonderfull..but are you going to upload ISOMERISM ? it is the very first and important topic man..please upload it

  14. ankit sharma 3 years ago

    Bhaiaa isomerism dal degiee please bhaiaaa

  15. ABHINAV KUMAR 3 years ago

    Aromatic chemistry NJ sir ka upload kijiye please

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