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  1. Study IQ education 2 years ago

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  2. Rajan Jha 2 years ago

    Thank you sir…

  3. Ajay verma 2 years ago

    Jai hind jai bhart jai modiraj

  4. j j 2 years ago

    please tell in English sir

  5. This is called a good relationship -With USA and Russia…. US sanctions on China deal, but not on Indian deal with Russia. This relationship should be always strong with these countries.

    Putin invites Modi to 2019 Eastern economic forum …..

    Putin knows that who will be the winner of 2019 election 💐😊……

    Jai Modi….. Vijay Modi ✊

  6. Rahul Kapoor 2 years ago

    you perhaps missed bilateral plans to expand nuclear cooperation.

  7. Anil Mishra 2 years ago

    56 inch 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. jyoti singh 2 years ago


  9. Ramesh Sharma 2 years ago

    Padhe likhe gavaro PM Manmohan Singh ji ko Kuch bolane se pahile thode statistics padha Karo . I am not supporting any party but I support those who respect every weaker aspect of हमारा प्यारा India.

  10. Anand Raj 2 years ago

    शूरू से ही N D A गव्हर्नमेंट की फॉरेन पोलिसी बहुत अच्छी रही है……👍

  11. Aniket Gujar 2 years ago

    Proud to be indian… Brave And decisive move by our govt

  12. Pratyush Awasthi 2 years ago

    thanks for the video sir, helps a lot.

  13. thepankaj thakur 2 years ago

    You don't think it's too early to say us is not taking any action.. may be they will later know it was a serious deal and we have to take some action on India

  14. ajitha alias 2 years ago

    India should try 700 km missile to test pdv

  15. Piyush Kumar 2 years ago

    sir plz make a video on terrorism in india and world

  16. ROYAL HUNTER 2 years ago

    Modi is great ..namo namo

  17. Divyansh Yadav 2 years ago

    Modi ji💕💕💕

  18. Almighty Gamer 2 years ago

    ज्ञान जरा हटके चैनल ने पहले ही बोला था

    अमेरिका भारत पर इस डील को वहज से कोई सेक्शन नही लगा सकता।

    जिसको पता है like करो।।।

  19. Nitesh Tendulkar 2 years ago

    Is china construting DAM to divert bhramaputra river..please make a video on this and will this affect us…

  20. Modi 'S obsession with Hindinization of Scientific terms like Gaganjan for Spacecraft is very irritating and false impression creation to the illiterates that the entire technology of India -indinisation..The day students can read Engineering, Medical other professional course in Hindi such Hindi terms be imposed upon. It is injustice to large number of nonHindi speaking people and a afraid on Science and technology.

  21. Chintan Pandya 2 years ago

    Modi 2019! Ek aur baar Modi Sarkar!

  22. disha prasad 2 years ago

    Sir what is sactions? Aur kaise apply krte hai?

  23. Noor H K 2 years ago

    Har jagah feku chacha ke bhakt bhare pade hain. Hadd hogayi chamchagiri ki

  24. Nil Nil 2 years ago

    Bhai vasul ho gaye mere tax ke pese, wow india go india modiji apki videsh yatraen safal hui

  25. Sunil Kumar 2 years ago

    Sir Ras main ka pen drive start karo pl

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