MD. Shaiful Hasan

There are two sections in this Lecture.
1. Topic discussion
2. Exam on the described topic.

##Topic Discussion:

Present indefinite tense denotes an action in the present time or habitual truth or eternal truth or state with the stative verb.

কোন কাজ বর্তমানে হয় বোঝালে বা অভ্যাসগত সত্য বোঝালে বা চিরসত্য বোঝালে Present Indefinite Tense হয়।

Here we discussed 4 main uses of simple present tense.

1. habit and routine
2. Present and permanent situation
3.Facts and truths
4. Feelings and thought.

Subject + Main Verb + Object.

1. I drink coffee every morning.-(Habits and Routine)
2. I am in Dhaka.-(Present and permanent situation)
3. The oceans are deep and cold.-( Facts and truths)
4. I believe you-( feelings and thought)

Note – Subject third person singular number (he, she, it, কোন ব্যক্তি, বস্তু, জায়গা বা প্রাণীর নাম) বোঝালে verb এর শেষে s বা es বসে।

## Quiz/ Exam

There are 5 incorrect sentences that you have to solve.

1. I am often playing tennis on Saturdays.
I play tennis on Saturdays.

2. He is believing every word she says.
He believes every word she says.

3. Shakil is asking a lot of question every day.
Shakil asks a lot of question every day.

4. She is always complaining about her job.
She always complains about her job.

5. Plants grow in soil.

This video will especially be helpful for the students of advanced grammar learning who are taking preparation for Admission test, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. It may, however, be beneficial for the basic learners as well who are preparing themselves for the exam of JSC, SSC, and HSC.

Special Note:
For using the right form of verbs, first of all, we need to identify the context and time of an action be happened.

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