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Comments are closed.

  1. Shubham Pathak 2 years ago

    Superb Sir
    Acc to me Subject wise will be better option as it will provide sense of completion..

  2. Tabasum 2 years ago

    sir pehle aik subject khatam kariye fir dosra nd so on….is se hame har aik subject ki clarity hogi…baki jo aapko theek lage q ki aap zyada ache se jante hai ki students k liye kya behtar rahega 🙂

  3. Akash Mandaar 2 years ago

    This Mix subject wise will be great. As the paper is also mix. And 1 subject at a time may become boring.

  4. Nimta garg 2 years ago

    Sir,,,, may let us start with history vala portion ,,, bcz its dificult and need multiple revision ,, so if we start with history we can revise it multipl times before our prelims ,,,,,, so plzz sir start with history🙏

  5. Priyavrat Ug 2 years ago

    Sir, please do mix the subjects but topics should be pre-planned so that we finish the syllabus well ahead of prelims

  6. Akhilesh keshari 2 years ago

    Pahale ak subject sir ji

  7. Akanksha Tiwari 2 years ago

    Sir plz take 2 or probaly 3 subjects for a day….and syllabus of the day should be pre-declared…it ll more convinient according to me…

  8. shubham gangrade 2 years ago

    Sir this way of teaching is good

  9. ashutosh panday 2 years ago

    Superb sir !!!

  10. Abhilash Akare 2 years ago

    1sub per day

  11. Numb Forever 2 years ago

    Sir as suggestion make it day wise subject for every week and so on and rest we believe that whatever you will do will help us to crack CSE thank you sir and whole team 🙂 😇😇🙂🙃☺

  12. rajesh yadav 2 years ago

    sir one by one subject

  13. Shubham Panwar 2 years ago

    Not subject but CONCEPT WISE

  14. Devender Singh 2 years ago

    Sir idea of mix sbjct is beeter

  15. Himanshu Sen 2 years ago

    its nice sir to you to give us the daily targets of chapters from different subjects on a group of 3 subjects daily as up to this time the students have might completed with the basic books or if they haven't done the same this will to help them to complete the same and i request u to ask some questions as of from the chapters u have given from different subject 1 from each or more if u can this will help us to analyze that the topic we completed we did justice to that or not

  16. javed ashraf 2 years ago

    Hello sir..plz mix it up..single subject agenda will become dry..we will do mixup of all..this will be 10 to 15 mins videos at max,so it won't be a problem!

  17. sunil pawar 2 years ago

    Yes sir, my suggestion is we can have questions on sub topics from TWO subjects daily and Saturday Sunday mix of all for revision purpose.

  18. Prateek Kesarwani 2 years ago

    Bhai log video ka PDF pin kat diya kare toh bahut hi help jayegi !! Thanks

  19. Aditaya Kumar 2 years ago

    Dear sir good afternoon,
    If we will cover Two Subject parallel, then it will we more beneficial and will have time to revised it also, because we have lesser time and more subjects….

  20. ranjeet kumar 2 years ago

    As per my opinion take one subject go through until finished then another subject it is best method or took maximum two subject simultaneously.

  21. kritika kritika 2 years ago

    Cover 1 sub firstly than pick other sub

  22. Shubham Katke 2 years ago

    This is awesomely perfect bilkul sahi rahega sir

  23. amit thakur 2 years ago

    sir going simultaneously with one subject on daily basis would be good.

  24. Hemant Birhman 2 years ago

    One subject at a time 🙏

  25. Shrikant Bijalwan 2 years ago

    Great initiative..
    Sir I think topicwise preparation will b more fruitful ,bcoz phle sayad subject wise sabne pda hoga aur phir topic wise jyada detailed study ho payegi,aur ye pre-test ki tarah random bhi hoga aur monotonous bhi nhi hoga

  26. gagandeep kaur 2 years ago

    Sir topic wise will be the best way to go forward….. thnku sir

  27. Karan Krishnani 2 years ago

    I think different topics from different subjects approach will be better! Thank you, Sir.

  28. Lovely 2 years ago

    Take up one subject at a time,sir..

  29. Raja Anwar 2 years ago

    Sir Nice one day wise for different sbjcts

  30. BakLOL News 2 years ago

    SIR You are god for us in this preparation of UPSC please sir finish the syllabus as fast as possible.
    1. One by One complete the syllabus of one subject than start other.
    2. Daily Premix current affairs or
    3. Weekly Subjectwise current affairs.
    4. Questions for writing on IMP. topics and MCQ test.
    THANK YOU SIR @sleepyclasses

  31. Kalyani Tripathi 2 years ago

    Mix is good

  32. ashish kumar 2 years ago

    Sir, I don't think getting bored or anything is an option for us. Jaisa aap suggest karenge, I will follow that. Aaplog jyada accha sochenge hamare lite.

  33. Rohit Maurya 2 years ago


  34. anand raut 2 years ago

    subjectwise will be helpful

  35. Rahul kumar 2 years ago

    Take one subject at a time

  36. Riddhi Bhatt 2 years ago

    Sir plz give list that will boost us to complete targets!! That would complete syllabus in holistic way !!

  37. siddharth kushwaha 2 years ago

    Nice plan sir🙏🙏🙏🙏

  38. Indu gupta 2 years ago

    Thanks Sir

  39. upsconly 2 years ago

    Different subjects from static plus daily gs will be a better approach

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