In this session of Ace NTSE (Stage 1) series, will teach these important concepts from Number Theory: Real numbers; Square Roots & cube roots; divisibility & remainder problems; Unit digit and factors & basics of permutations & Combinations.
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The upcoming classes of this series are :-

7 August: Life Processes (Science) by Beena Mam
8 August: The Mughal Empire (SAT) by Quasif Sir
9 August: Indian Freedom Struggle (SAT) by Quasif Sir

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🙋 What is NTSE?
✒ National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a competitive scholarship exam in India conducted by the NCERT only for class 10 students.
✒ Its aim is to identify talented students across the country & award them with scholarships to pursue higher studies (beginning with Class 11th upto PhD).
✒ This year 2000 students will be selected for the NTSE scholarship.

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✒ To be called India’s Talented Student of India.
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✒ To get an extra edge among highly competitive positions.

📅 What are the dates of NTSE exam?
NTSE Exam will be held on 2nd, 3rd & 17th November 2019 and its registrations will begin in August’2019. We will keep you updated about everything, don’t worry, just stay connected 😃

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  1. Hello NTSE aspirants!! Gradeup School has launched an online course "NTSE Scholars (A 70-day course for Stage 1 Exam)". Start your Free Trial NOW:

  2. Sukanya Chowdhury 2 years ago

    Root 16 ka 4 .

  3. tarun kumar 2 years ago

    Thank you sir

  4. siddharth yadav 2 years ago

    U r a greate teacher sirr

    Hats off to u

  5. Soumya Tayal 2 years ago

    Thanku so much sir….you cover all the concept in your videos and make maths so easy….bcoz of you I am able to study maths easily…😊

  6. Rasi Mahi 2 years ago

    When is live sir

  7. Nand kishor Singh 2 years ago

    Good evening

  8. piyush mahajan 2 years ago

    Great teaching method sir.
    Your way of clearing concepts is outstanding!!
    You are a great teacher!!
    Some concepts are simply awesome.
    Thank you🙂

  9. Pravin Kenjale 2 years ago

    Sir in 4th Que. (45,75)is also pair????

  10. Chhitiz Srivastava 2 years ago

    Thanks sir… Please upload next parts

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  13. Santush Kumar 2 years ago

    Very awesome vedio sir this vedio is very helpful for us.

  14. Rajendra Kumar 2 years ago


  15. Aaksha Sharma 2 years ago

    Sir ,your methodology of teaching concepts is brilliant !!!thanks sir!

  16. Maanya Jasuja 2 years ago

    You're the best and the only one who teaches like this….Like i can watch it entirely every time…Thank you❣️

  17. Cherry Wadhwa 2 years ago

    You're the Best!! Thank you so much!!

  18. Neha Grover 2 years ago

    Amazing teaching style sir👌

  19. Deadshot 29012004 2 years ago


  20. G Hemanadan 2 years ago

    X and y whose hcf 15 and lcm 225 ka ans to B hona chahiye there are 2 such pairs
    1.(15,225 ) and

  21. Anjali Soni 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  22. Paridhi Singhal 2 years ago

    Awesome class sir…one hour passed too fast… enjoyed the session..thank you🙂

  23. Shivam Madhesia 2 years ago


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