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  1. Hamsterman 3 years ago


  2. Fred Huckleberry 3 years ago

    we need you don't leave us

  3. FeTuS 3 years ago

    wat?, but decapitation is a extremely painful way to die.. have u ever seen those gore videos???

  4. FeTuS 3 years ago

    can you make a video about all the stuff that triggers your autism.. you know chicken and all..idk

  5. gregory clewell 3 years ago

    this ain't as funny as your usual posting.. it's good you got this platform to get it out tho…

  6. Voeris 3 years ago

    Who cares who's at your funeral lol? Considering you'll be dead. (you'll be in heaven or nothingness or HELL, whatever you believe) Considering your friends (if you have them) will be dying at the same time, and one shouldn't have kids to "leave something behind" or mourn you, then… is it so bad if no one is there? I don't think it matters much. Make young friends and be a mentor I guess? If you want others to mourn you?

  7. Voeris 3 years ago

    10:14 O_O Holy shit, that's my uncle. He gets super nervous and talks quickly. I've always thought that urge was to connect, I guess that's what you're saying too…

  8. Voeris 3 years ago

    This was very interesting. You know about socks, I respect you don't like them… but they're a barrier between our nasty feet and our shoes. Without them, the sweat and bacteria would more easily be absorbed into the shoes… Also: I really like how you say "Erth" hehe 🙂 (ok final comment don't wanna spam) EDIT: someone played Bloodborne 😉 hey play Nier: Automata too, it's great, I think you'd like. You can have the sweetness of dreams when awake, at times, imo.

  9. nespith 3 years ago

    Feeling like a alien is also a sign of autism. They also generally have higher than average iqs but it's unequally distributed so you can have one area that's genius and another area that's retarded. You should try the online Autism test

  10. Agitated Riveting 3 years ago

    I hope you'll find happiness in life at some point. It's kind of sad to hear that you still have such a grim outlook on life. Maybe you should follow your passion and try picking up an instrument more often, maybe you should even try making original music.

    P.S, fuck you, socks are great.

  11. comban 3 years ago

    enjoyable rant

  12. BrainsickBlaze 3 years ago

    Aaaaa. Very good NEET audio yes indeed

  13. SupremeFeline 3 years ago

    I wish I could have nice dreams sometimes

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