The video introduces enthalpy changes during different physical and chemical processes, and explains enthalpy changes during physical processes in detail. Video also shares a hint to define different types of enthalpies with the help of standard definition template like enthalpy of fusion, combustion, vapourization etc.

Conclusion: By viewing this video students will understand enthalpy changes during (a)phase transition, (b) atomic/molecular changes (c) in solution. Born-Haber Cycle for formation of NaCl and lattice enthalpy of NaCl is explained in detail. Video will help students to get the clear idea of (a) difference between enthalpy of ionization and electron gain enthalpy (b) why 2nd ionization enthalpy is ALWAYS greater than 1st ionization enthalpy. Each enthalpy change is explained in detail with the help of examples like allotropic transformation of rhombic sulphur into monoclinic sulphur.

📕NEET-UG / JEE (Main) Absolute Chemistry Vol. – 1.1

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