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  1. Ali Raja 2 years ago

    Wish to take GRE classes from you..

  2. Thank you sir
    but your voice is low

  3. Vishnu Gokul 2 years ago

    Another amazing video from an amazing man.

  4. Dorna Dahal 2 years ago

    Great explanation

  5. varsha raj 2 years ago

    Your strategies are so powerful…thank you Sir …

  6. Binay Budhathoki 2 years ago

    The last one was tricky – Any Other Donor !! Good Catch .. Thanks !!

  7. Ali Ra 2 years ago

    I don't know why, but your strategies do not just work for international students, they're awkward when most of the time everything goes back to your innate feelings about correctness of an answer… It's disappointing to see you're that expert :(((

  8. Domenico Trapani 2 years ago

    I am now at the stage to watch your video only for the stunning intros or references. :p

  9. reinard joseph 2 years ago

    The question is how do you do that fast in understanding all the structure while breaking it down in limited time? Is it just by practice?

  10. Great job 💫
    Thank you so much 🦋

  11. Sunny Rabani 2 years ago

    I have listened to so much of Brekkes voice that I have a certain image of how he may look like in my head. Greg is a 30-year-old Asian male living on the west coast of the United States and studied chemical engineering. He enjoys a nice cold brew from time to time and enjoys the classic erotic novel to critique its literary components.

  12. SANKET DARWANTE 2 years ago

    Thanks greg for helping out on this passage. I was confused out on Q1 & Q4 on this passage so I mailed it to you. It was really really helpful

  13. Tala Lakiss 2 years ago


  14. l i 2 years ago

    Couldn't you argue that accepting organs from any other donor would still support the 2nd hypothesis (concentration of lymphocytes)? If organs are accepted post-liver transplant from any donor, that seems to support the idea that the lymphocytes are concentrated at the liver site and don't care about the new organs, regardless of donor.

  15. Harshit Pandey 2 years ago

    You're an inspiration Greg. Your videos are some of the best GRE guides that I've come across.

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