We already discussed #MixtureProblems, but we need to raise the bar a little bit. This time, we’ll talk about how to reduce the mixture to form your desired percentage solution.

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  1. Nezrine Cyle Cruzat 3 years ago

    thank u po omg so helpful for upcat pls pray for me coach! πŸ’–

  2. Ian Paul Saligumba 3 years ago


  3. EJRM Zombie CF 3 years ago


  4. Crazy Weirdo 3 years ago


  5. Rogemie Reasonda 3 years ago

    bakit po sa second problem hindi na dinecimal ung %

  6. Mary Jane Tadeo 3 years ago

    Hi po Coach! Sana next vlog mo po yung new upcat reviewer.πŸ™

  7. Sapphire Reasonda 3 years ago

    Coach may you help me solve this questions just getting ready for the UPCAT examination on Saturday. Honestly I haven't been attending Test Review Centers anyway these are my questions.
    Susan deposited 25,000 pesos in a bank that gives 6%interest yearly. At the end of the year, she decided to leave the said amount plus the interest in the bank for another year. With the same rate of interest, how much will her deposit be at the end of the year?
    a. 27,050 pesos b.28,000 pesos c. 28,090 pesos d. 28,050 pesos e. 28,900

    In a certain map, 1/5 of an inch represents 10 miles of actual distance. If two towns are 2 inches apart in a map, what is the actual is the actual distance between them?
    a. 1 mile b. 4 miles c.20 miles d. 50 miles e. 100 miles

    A fish vendor makes it a point to realize a profit of 12 1/2% of his sales. For how much kilo should he sell 20 kilos of fish costing 320 pesos
    a. 20 pesos b. 18 pesos c. 16 pesos d. 14 pesos e. 12 pesos

    If 9 markers are to be placed in equal distance for each other along a straight line which 12 meters long. How far apart mus the markers be place so that there will be markes at both ends
    a. 1.5 b.1.2 c. 1.0 d. 0.9 e. 0.50
    – I tried answering this by dividing 12 by 9 I got 1.3… it is not on the choice maybe my solution is wrong.

    Archie can eat a meal 30 minutes. Jughead can eat the same meal in 10 minutes. How long(in minutes) will it take them to eat the meal together?
    a. 1/20 b. 4/30 c. 30/4 d. 20

    Thank you po. God bless. It is okay coach if you won't answer the others, you can just answer those questions you think that is going to be on UPCAT examination. (please with solutions)

  8. Kim Paredes 3 years ago

    Ms. Lyqa hope you can make videos for us,na magttake ng LET this coming Sept.30. Lalo na po sa mga Major in English. Pls. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™God bless you! Hope u read this comment po 😘

  9. Salamat sa mga video na tulad nito i passed my Napolcom examination, pwede na ako mkapag apply sa pnp… sana mapasalamatan kita personally mam lyqa. More power to your campaign po! πŸ™β€

  10. Nikko Reodica 3 years ago

    Hi coach. Ang ganda na po ng mic niyooooo πŸ˜πŸ’ž anyway. Thankyou pooo!

  11. benito villarente 3 years ago

    Salamat, it's a big help for me….

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