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  1. Manoj Yadav 3 years ago

    Hi sir

  2. satish kumar 3 years ago

    J k ke immediate me h aisa nhi bola gya h to ap kaise immediate me place de rahe h sir 🙏

  3. Shivam Pandey 3 years ago

    Sir how can you place j immediate right of K …?
    As there is not mention in the puzzle

  4. pramod Pramod 3 years ago

    nice session

  5. Manas Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir Apne puzzle ki 2 number questions ka answer d) 14 m to the left karna tha….
    Kyun ki m now facing south after movement

  6. my name iskhan 3 years ago

    Sir puzzle mains level ki h na ?

  7. priyanka dheer 3 years ago

    Different ques sir.thanks

  8. Vikram Kumar 3 years ago

    J is to right of k In 1st it is not written Just right so why u took only one case!!! It would be great if u had solved it without knowing the solution.

  9. VIRENDRA SAUNDATTE 3 years ago

    Sir in q2 after movement m faeces downward then I is 14 METRE LEFT OF M.

  10. smita 3 years ago

    sir can u please solve below puzzle … in your next vedio

    Nilesh, Sneha, Mohan, Sushil, Teena, Aman, Varun and Vikas are sitting
    in a straight line but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them
    are facing south while the remaining are facing north.

    Sneha and
    Aman face opposite directions and Aman sits fourth to the right of
    Sneha. Varun sits second to the left of Teena. The immediate neighbour
    of Sushil face same direction as Sushil. Nilesh sits second to the left
    of Aman. The immediate neighbour of Nilesh faces the same direction as
    Varun. Vikas is not an immediate neighbour of Varun. Both the immediate
    neighbours of Sneha face opposite directions. One of the immediate
    neighbour of Vikas faces north. Teena is not third from the right end if
    we face north. Mohan is at the fourth position with respect to Nilesh.
    Vikas is not facing south. Both the immediate neighbours of Varun face
    same direction. Varun is third to the right of Sneha. Mohan is not
    facing north.

  11. sj4you 3 years ago


  12. SUDIP PRAMANICK 3 years ago

    Puzzle question number 2 is not clear.. M was facing south after moving, then how can I be in right of M? Ithink it should be left

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