This video covers the tips about how to manage your time as well as energy. I have given a logical reasoning as to why energy management is better and a typical energy curve is also included for better insights into our daily energy levels. This video is helpful for all the exam preparations and all aspirants. GATE, GRE, UPSC all require great time and energy management. This video will be greatly helpful to all. How our Mental, Spiritual and Emotional energies interact with each other is also described at the end.

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  1. jay bonkile 3 years ago

    Great work !
    All the best for the future endeavors !

  2. Ed Sharpener 3 years ago

    Hello All,
    Just to add, Meditation and Yoga also helps a lot with channeling the negative energies and keep you afresh. Practicing Mental Exercises to increase Concentration and speed becomes helpful when you are ill or sick. And controlling your emotions help you succeed. For example, if your friends ask you to come to a movie at your peak study time. Think about how not going to the movie and sticking to your schedule will help in the long run. Control your emotions for the better.


  3. Ulka Antarkar 3 years ago

    Very good effort. It is quite intriguing and would be of great value to all the students!

  4. shubham verma 3 years ago

    Energy Saviour😍

  5. Parag Patle 3 years ago

    great work guys! Keep it up! Cheers!

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