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In this Score Booster Series, we provide you special Legal Knowledge Questions. Practice these questions with Nitin Parmar Sir.


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  1. Shantanu Nayak 3 years ago

    Helpful ty

  2. Shantanu Nayak 3 years ago

    44 amendment

  3. Tarang Ajmera 3 years ago

    Right to equality (14 to 18)
    Right to freedom (19 to 22)
    Right against exploitation(23-24)
    Right to freedom of religion(25 to 28)
    Cultural abd educational right (29-30)
    Right to constitutional remedies (32)

  4. Tarang Ajmera 3 years ago

    44th ammendment act 1978 remove fr to property

  5. Ayushi Singh 3 years ago

    Grounds for declaration of NE:
    1. Armed rebellion
    3. External Aggression

  6. Ayushi Singh 3 years ago

    Right to property was made legal right by 44th CAA 1978

  7. Sir please provide the answers to our HW questions as well

  8. Prachi Kumari 3 years ago

    War national emergency

  9. Prachi Kumari 3 years ago

    My 20 answers are correct

  10. kiran kumar 3 years ago

    44th amendment 1978

  11. rajat prakash 3 years ago

    Thank you Sir for this new support
    I have humble request from. you that please give more module on STATIC Gk

  12. Sat Parkash 3 years ago

    44 caa 1978

  13. Tushar Paygude 3 years ago

    Sir this is the best lecture I have seen till date..!!! Thanks#protalent

  14. Rp Mishra 3 years ago

    Internal disturbance changed to armed rebellion

  15. ASHUTOSH TIWARI 3 years ago

    Art14-18, 19-22, 23-24, 25-28, 29-30,

  16. Sujata Gajraj 3 years ago

    Human right (fundamental right )=a legal right

  17. Akanksha V 3 years ago

    Sir, interpretation of Constitution is under the spirit of preamble. Am I wrong ?

  18. abhishek jat 3 years ago

    Sir current affairs kab tak k pade

  19. shreya raj 3 years ago

    Sir sry to interpret , national emergency has been imposed three times in india
    China war 1962
    Pakistan war 1971
    Emergency declared by INDIRA GHANDI 1975

  20. shreya raj 3 years ago

    By 42nd amendment, right to property has been repealed in 1976

  21. Shraddha Mishra 3 years ago


  22. Sahil Sourav 3 years ago

    grounds for national emergency –
    1. war
    2.external aggression
    3.armed rebellion (used to be known as internal disturbances until amended by 44th constitutional amendment,1978)

  23. Sahil Sourav 3 years ago

    right to property repealed via 44th amendment,1978

  24. Souvik Roychowdhury 3 years ago

    In 44th amendment, article 31 and article 19(1)f were removed from fundamental rights and article 300A was introduced.

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