Subject : Aptitude (Crash Course)
Faculty : Mr. Siddharth Gupta Sir

Genique Education is an educational organization that is committed to providing the best learning experience of Exams like GATE/ESE/PSU with something different conceptual approaches towards learning. Education is not all about studying and getting good marks but it means to discover new things and increase one’s understanding towards their aim that is how exactly one can achieve their goal in an effective manner. We believe in education for all and we are redefining technical education from the bottom up.

1. Network Theory Crash Course :

2. Signal & System Crash Course :

3. Communication System Crash Course :

4. Control System Crash Course :

5. Digital Electronics Crash Course :

6. Analog Electronics Crash Course :

7. Electrical Machine Crash Course :

8. Power System Crash Course :

9. Power Electronics Crash Course :

10. EDC Crash Course :

11 Mathematics Crash Course :

12. Aptitude Full Syllabus :


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  1. Akash Baruah 2 years ago

    Pls do one or two problems on wages with time and work

  2. shyam sundershersia 2 years ago

    3.3 days

  3. soumya Banerjee 2 years ago


  4. Nikhil kumar chakka 2 years ago

    q3)5 days

  5. Akash kumar 2 years ago


  6. soumya Banerjee 2 years ago

    Q4 7.2 days

  7. Akash kumar 2 years ago

    2 question ka, 3.33 days

  8. Akash kumar 2 years ago

    4 ka, 7.2

  9. Waqar mir 2 years ago


  10. RIKKI JAISWAL 2 years ago

    que no 4 ..ans is 172.8 hr

  11. Saikat Podder 2 years ago

    6.33 if a+b+c work

  12. paras sharma 2 years ago

    Sir ek request h ki aap jis bhi questions k answers puchte ho comment me daalne ki liye
    Uske correct answer plzz ek pinned comment me daal diya kijiye plzz plzz next day ya phir nxt video me
    Warna doubt left reh jaata h

    Ur quality of questions is very good , very helpful for daily practice
    Thank u so much …

  13. Jitendra Kumar 2 years ago

    plzzz complete all topic in same way….After gate 19 result i will comment my rank here…

  14. JOYDEEP CHAKRABORTY 2 years ago

    Sir please solve some previous years of gate questions on each topic as well.

  15. Kapil Jettiwar 2 years ago

    7.2 for last question

  16. PRAVIN SHARMA 2 years ago

    sir last question m days nikalne h ya hours

  17. Superb i am able to solve most of the question…thnq sir for developing such concept

  18. Shalini Maurya 2 years ago

    1Q- 1.5 days
    2Q- 3.33 days
    3Q- 5 days(If A+B+C do the continuous)
    4Q- 7.2 days

  19. nitin chauhan 2 years ago

    Ans4…432 hours

  20. sanju thakur 2 years ago

    18days if(a,b,c pattern)

  21. Haresh makwana 2 years ago

    Sir confirmation k liye sahi ans. Kahi pe likh dijiye

  22. laxman singh 2 years ago

    Sir please complete answer because some time problem and different color pen use and thanks a lot….

  23. Rishi Kesh 2 years ago

    3.33 days

  24. Deepanshu Sagar 2 years ago

    Guys please do share these videos they are doing amazing job and ty sir for helping us out and shoutout to genique eduction

  25. Roshan katika 2 years ago


  26. Deepanshu Sagar 2 years ago

    Sir doubts clear karne k lie kya kare?

  27. mahesh kumar 2 years ago

    Sir please write the ans… are great guruji

  28. KAMESHWAR SAINI 2 years ago

    A is 60% as efficient as B. C does half of the work done by A and B together. If C alone does the work in 80 days, then A, B and C together can do the work in

  29. Rahul Kumar 2 years ago

    A and B finishes a piece of work in 16 days ,B and C finishes the same work in 24 days .A worked for 4days ,B Worked for 7 Days and C completed the remaining work in 23 days.Then C alone Will complete the work in ?

    How to solve?

  30. Balaji Baheti 2 years ago

    sir can u make a playlist of this videos???
    its difficult to find the sequence after every video!

  31. The Series 2 years ago

    Thank u sir, for this awesome lecture

  32. PUNEET KUMAR Singh 2 years ago

    Sir verbal ability kab start hogi

  33. PUNEET KUMAR Singh 2 years ago

    Your videos are helpful

  34. PUNEET KUMAR Singh 2 years ago

    a alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days A and B undertook to do it for Rs 3200 with the help of C they complete the work in 3 days
    How much is to be paid to c

  35. Sir plzz make video on Permutation and combination

  36. Aaditya Sharma 2 years ago

    in question no 2, the answer is 12/8. what answer we will take? 1.5 or 2 days? reply as soon as possible

  37. thiru thirupathi 2 years ago

    2 Q. ans = 1.5 day plz confirm tq dis is frd ans

  38. thiru thirupathi 2 years ago

    my answer for 2Q 1.3 days

  39. jsss S 2 years ago

    Que 2 can also be solved by finding Individual rate= given work/no of days and choosing complete work=1.

  40. Anshuli Mahajan 2 years ago

    siddharth sir pls provide the solution of Me 2016 set 1 time and work ques

  41. ananya jain 2 years ago

    Sir in second question, LCM of (9,24,16) will be 72 naa? How come 144

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