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JEE Main Solutions –Laws of Motion – 2018 (Online and Offline Papers)

JEE Main 2013-2017 Solutions are available on the COACHENGG APP

Q15 (JEE Main 2018 Offline): Two masses m1 = 5kg and m2 = 10kg connected by an inextensible string over a frictionless pulley are moving as shown in the figure. The coefficient of friction of horizontal surface is 0.15. The minimum weight m that should be put on top of m2 to stop the motion is:
(1) 43.3 kg (2) 10.3 kg (3) 18.3 kg (4) 27.3 kg

Q16 (JEE Main 2018 Online 1): A given object takes n times more time to slide down a 45° rough inclined plane as it takes to slide down a perfectly smooth 45° incline. The coefficients of kinetic friction between the object and the incline is:

Q17 (JEE Main 2018 Online 2): A body of mass 2 kg slides down with an acceleration of 3 m/s2 on a rough inclined plane having a slope of 30°. The external force required to take the same body up the plane with the same acceleration will be: (g = 10 m/s2)
(1) 14 N (2) 20 N (3) 6 N (4) 4 N

Q18 (JEE Main 2018 Online 2): A disc rotates about its axis of symmetry in a horizontal plane at a steady rate of 3.5 revolutions per second. A coin placed at a distance of 1.25 cm from the axis of rotation remains at rest on the disc. The coefficient of friction between the coin and the disc is: (g = 10 m/s2)
(1) 0.5 (2) 0.3 (3) 0.7 (4) 0.6

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